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3rd December 2016, Tobacco Dock, London

Organised by: Influential Events Ltd

Gentleman's Grooming Show 2016, have been formulated to deliver restorative levels of naturally occurring retinol, vitamin E, omega fatty acids, minerals and micronutrients. The company also features a specially formulated all-natural deodorant to prevent odor without the use of synthetic chemicals, aluminum, or dyes. Instead Alluvian uses pure and nourishing ingredients like nahcolite, kokum butter, Irish sea moss, and select essential oils to create a healthy underarm environment that works with, instead of against, the natural body chemistry.

Even the strictest wet-shaving protocol can leave skin vulnerable to dryness and razor burn, and alcohol-based aftershaves only add to the irritation. Alluvian's alcohol- free moisturizing serum can be used daily after shaving for a dynamic rehydrating effect. Auxilio Facial Oil is a concentrated, one of kind, natural luxury formulation that evokes truly radiant skin. This product is Alluvian's most desired natural cosmetic with limited availability, and for good reason. Extremely rich in retinol, Vitamin E, bioactive micronutrients and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids, Auxilio absorbs quickly and is suitable for all skin types. The relaxing aromatic blend of Italian Bergamot,

Egyptian Rose, Moroccan Neroli and Indonesian Patchouli biochemically improves absorption and promotes elasticity. Additionally, unlike most cosmetics, Alluvian provide this formulation in innate glass.

Plastic is not good for our oceans, lakes, rivers or men. In fact, plastic is known to leach hormone disrupting chemicals associated with lower testosterone and decreased sterility. Humans now consume the very chemicals the plastic containers our bodywash, shampoo, deodorant, and other personal care items are derived through bioaccumulation in food chains as well as direct leaching from product packaging. Micro-plastics can even be found in our commercial sea salt. Alluvian is committed to providing superior products that are not only good for men, but good for the planet. Consumers can be assured all their products are packaged and shipped plastic-free.

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