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3rd December 2016, Tobacco Dock, London 3rd December 2016, Tobacco Dock, London

Organised by: Influential Events Ltd

Organised by: Influential Events Ltd


The revival of gentlemen's grooming is here. Now is the opportunity to explore and benefit from a growing number of products and services focused on the specific needs and challenges facing the modern man. American made Alluvian is pleased to offer its line of genuine soap, luxury grooming, and skin care products made with all-natural ingredients, timeless craftsmanship, and enhanced with organic and geologic elements.

Be aware, however, for this also is a time of cheap substitutes and dodgy marketing at the expense of your skin. Within the past century, the tradition and expertise of apothecary- style skin care and soapmaking has been replaced with mass produced look-alikes in the form of watered-down detergents like "body wash" or "shaving gel". Unfortunately, many people settle for these harsh chemical detergents daily, stripping their skin instead of nourishing it. Alluvian uses only all natural, organic, plant derived ingredients to produce the most

potent and holistically beneficial products for your skin. Their commitment to quality and tradition makes them among the few grooming lines available that incorporates potent heirloom botanicals like Columbian cacay and Moroccan neroli, as well as wild harvested aquatic botanicals such as kelp and sea oak. In addition, Alluvian is one of very few grooming companies that can boast a complete line of plastic free products and packaging for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Alluvian knows that the making of men's grooming products is both science and art. Their craftsmen have mastered the natural chemical properties of each of the rare botanical ingredients and understand how to combine them to achieve superior results that restore skin's natural pH, clear impurities, smooth, exfoliate, and minimize pores. Alluvian's line of shaving soaps uses a finely calculated formula to give you a rich, cushioning and long-lasting lather. Their Auxilio Facial Oil and Rejuvenating Aftershave Serum, both available at the


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