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Personal and Professional Empowerment

The beauty of the 'Battle of the Bay '

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Caucus supports efforts of developer Bruce Smith for inclusion in Virginia Beach

Community unites for Hampton University

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Free December 2016 Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach since 2006

Local owners celebrate 50 years in business

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Loved by those who mattered, Fidel Castro dies at 90

Developer Bruce Smith speaks to press and minority business owners about points outlined in a letter he wrote to Virginia Beach's mayor. Read Smith's letter at Photo: A. Bruce Williams


The Virginia Legislative Caucus

released statement support for Virginia a

announcing its Beach

resident and developer Bruce Smith. The NFL hall of famer recently Virginia

wrote a letter

is African American. The VLBC release the

in support of Smith: The

Virginia Legislative Black Caucus supports the efforts of Bruce Smith as he seeks redress in the City of Virginia Beach regarding disparity in oceanfront development opportunities. In a letter to the mayor and other city officials, Mr. Smith

raised issues relative

and meaningful questions and

pertinent to


city's willingness to engage in business with minority developers and contractors,

to Beach mayor, Will

Sessoms questioning if he was shut out of doing business in Virginia

Beach because he following

notably on the oceanfront. The response was a deflection and claim that Virginia Beach is open and welcoming to diversity

and receptive to

minority businesses. Yet, the City of Virginia Beach chooses not to do a disparity study which would demonstrate just how welcoming the city the really is.

The City of Virginia

Beach has fallen below its own established goal of ten percent in awarding minority owned business contracts in fiscal year 2016. Thus, Bruce Smith is right regarding equitable

to contractual raise

the fairness and distribution

questions of

opportunities in

the city, especially given his own attempts over the years to do business with the city. The VLBC recognizes Mr. Smith's business acumen and appreciates and supports his efforts to bring this matter to the attention of the public.

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Losing a job is stressful, plain and

simple. Looking for a new one is no easy task either, especially if you worry about how to pay the bills. But take a deep breath. Here are some tips to help you get back on your feet professionally and financially.

Look to your employer for help. Your company may offer a range of services, from

workshops to retooling your resume to classes on how to look for jobs.

Contact your State Unemployment

Insurance Office for information about applying for unemployment insurance benefits in your state.

Make a budget. Add up your monthly JOB LOSS PAGE 14

Fidel Castro fought for the disenfranchised throughout the world. In Africa, he sent troops to free those still oppressed under colonialism. Above Castro chats with Nelson Mandela after addressing the South African Parliament on September 4, 1998. Mandela visited Cuba and Castro when he was released from prison. Castro was one of the first world leaders to oppose apartheid before it was popular to do so. He said Mandela was a "source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people." Photo: Reuters

The Cuban President Fidel Castro was loved and respected by the people who knew him best. His list of admirers ranged from the Cuban people who received free health care, free education, free utilities,

and freedom from discrimination --to world leaders.

Castro offered free medical training to people of color in the United States. He offered to send doctors and other personnel to New Orleans to assist with recovery from Katrina. Cuban citizens were always protected during natural disasters. These are just a few of the


Dealing with job loss: How to keep your head above water

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