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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 29 Issue 12 December 2016 Another Busy Winter for Maine's Boatbuilders


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The new 38-footer being built by Richard Stanley of Bass Harbor. The Lowell Brothers in Yarmouth are

building a custom 46-foot lobster boat for a fi sherman from Penobscot Bay. She was covered with 1½ inch foam strips on the stations and she has been faired. They now are working on the skeg/stern post and shaft tube. Once this is done they will begin laying her up with fi berglass, on the outside and inside. They should be done in December and at the point she will be taken outside and rolled over. Being a lobster boat she does not have much down below: her interior will include a double V-berth, a simple galley and a workbench. This project should be completed this summer. As they worked on the 46 they also did

some repairs to a wooden Egg Harbor 39 in Portland. They replaced about fi ve planks and this took a little more than a week to accomplish. They have also been doing work on a 48

footer assisting her owner fi nishing off her interior and doing other small jobs on her to help the owner along.

At the Gamage Shipyard in South

Bristol they have a very interesting project modifying a 2001 school bus into a high end RV. They have raised the roof 18 inches and are now working on her interior. She is scheduled to be done the middle of this winter.

Keeping them busy this past summer was repairing a Sabre 38. She was in for

repair work to her keel after a grounding. They removed the keel and her interior and made extensive fi berglass repairs in the keel area. They also added a new galley with countertop. On a sad note, the Alden 44 which re-

ceived a new teak deck, had her rig upgraded and repowered last winter, well on her way south this fall she hit the shoals off Morehead City. Everyone onboard was saved, but she became a total loss.

At John’s Bay Boat Company in

South Bristol they have nearly completed the 42 foot yacht they have been building for a customer from Friendship. Presently, they are doing the fi nal interior fi nishing and hooking up her systems. She will be launched in the Spring. In the other bay, they have started on

their newest boat, a 47 footer, a split-wheel- house lobster boat, for a fi sherman from Stonington. The moulds are done and the keel should be bolted together before Thanksgiving. She will be powered with a C-18 Caterpillar. They are planning to have her done and launched next Fall or early win- ter. This is the third boat for this customer. John’s Bay has four more orders and owner Peter Kass says that he is just taking names for anyone else looking for a new boat after that.

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The yacht ATLANTIDE at Front Street Shipyard for the winter.

BELFAST – Boatbuilders and boat yards up and down the Maine coast are on the whole very busy and have been the last several years. One that is on the list is Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, who can do it all, new construction, any type of repair work, and can work on some of the biggest vessels afl oat. If you cover the coast you constantly have to watch Belfast’s waterfront to see what is new going on at the Front Street and this can be a full time job trying to keep up with them.

Recently they fi nished a major resto- ration of the 126-foot Feadship BERILDA,

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which was designed by H. W. De Voogt and built at the Feadship yard Kaag shipyard in the Netherlands as CLAYBETH in 1978. Her former names include: SHARON S., THE HIGHLANDER IV, VIRGINIAN, LADY ALILISON and SIRENUSE. She is powered with twin 600-hp D379 Caterpil- lar diesel engines and cruises at 10 knots. Over the last year, Front Street removed almost everything inside her and renewed almost everything and this took over a year to complete. If you asked what was done, it

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