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Pets of the Month HUNTER

MY NAME IS Hunter and I am a 6 year old neutered hound dog with a good ol’ hound dog bark. I’m what they call an easy going doggie. Live and let live I always say. I have a long fuse and usually let things roll off my back. I’ve recently taken some courses and can “sit” and “lie down” with the best of them. I like

playtime and do enjoy a good toy. I especially love stuffed toys minus the stuffing. I like exercise and would love someone to stay in shape with. Most of all, I want someone to curl up with in bed. I can picture us now, falling asleep under the Christmas tree waiting for Santa. Is that on your wish list too?


MY NAME IS Jordan and people say I have an unmistakable look. If by “unmistakable” they mean fabulous then I totally concur. But I’m not just all good looks - I’m also told I have a winning personality. I was born 3/21/16 so I’m still just a youngster (translation: I’m a playing machine). My

favorite thing to play with is anything that crosses my path. No, seriously - I can make a game out of a candywrapper or a good piece of lint. So really I am a cheap date. I am also neutered, have my shots and am a litterbox pro. I’m hoping to be in my forever home by Christmas. I hear rolled up gift wrap is a hoot to play with!•

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OUTDOORS | Nature Is Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Really a Girl?

by LEE BELANGER Master Naturalist

WITH CHRISTMAS AROUND the corner, most of us eagerly look for “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” to lead Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Rudolph is secretive by nature and remained anonymous until 1939 when Robert L. May wrote about this amazing young reindeer. Myth you say? Well, maybe not.

Reindeer and Caribou belong to the same genus and species, but there are subspecies differences. Reindeer are smaller, live in northern Europe and Asia, and became domestic animals over 2000 years ago. Caribou live in Canada, Greenland, in northern Idaho and are wild animals. For simplicity, I will call them all reindeer.

Both male and female reindeer native to the Arctic really do have slightly red noses! Scandinavian researchers discovered this coloration is due to very dense blood vessels in their noses. With a 25% extra blood supply, the animals stay

warm while rooting for food in snow. Male elk, moose and most deer species including reindeer grow antlers. However, reindeer are the only species where females also grow antlers. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game states female reindeer grow antlers each summer and keep them until spring. This helps them dig for food to support their winter pregnancy. Male reindeer grow antlers beginning in spring. When fully grown they use their antlers to fight other males to assert dominance. But they shed them in early December, before December 24! Gerald Lincoln and David Baird of Edinburgh University also noted the timing of male and female antler sheds. Their conclusion? Rudolph must be a girl! In fact, the rest of Santa’s reindeer must also be females but belong to the southern subspecies of reindeer, the ones without red noses. So now we know Rudolph’s secret. I suppose it is too late to give Rudolph and

the rest of Santa’s reindeer female names. That’s okay. We females know the most telling reason Rudolph is female. We know Rudolph never misses a house even in stormy weather and any male would wander aimlessly, never stopping to ask directions!• What’s on your mind? E-mail Lee at • December 2016 • 27

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