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Aged Wine, Yes! ...Aged EggNog?


USUALLY FRESH IS better when it comes to eggs. However, the head bartender at NY city’s Porch-Light restaurant has been aging his own eggnog concoction for one or two years and this year may push out to three. Nick Bennett treats only his closest friends to his inventive aged, eggnog recipe. (If you’re wondering what this has to do with wine, one of the ingredients for Nick’s eggnog is Cognac.) The basics are as follows: Eggs, sugar, Elijah Craig 12 Bourbon, Louis Royer Force 53 Cognac and Ron Zacapa Dark Solera rum, plus a pinch of salt. Quantities are determined by how many guests are being served. The mixture is sealed in glass jars and stored in a dark cabinet for at least a year. The theory behind it all, is that time marries the flavors and takes some of the punch out of the over-proof liquors. In Mr. Bennett’s own words “I’m aging an egg product and I use the highest- proof liquors to try to kill off anything that might be tempted to grow in the mixture.”

Come holiday time, the base mixture is shaken,after adding whole milk and a splash of heavy cream. Then, of course, there is the traditional nutmeg grated over the top. Even Bennett admits that this aging technique is not 100% foolproof although he has not has any casualties as yet. After the aging period prerequisite tasting is required. If it tastes like “plonk,” dump it and try again next year. Hopefully your brew will be perfect. Enjoy!...and have a Merry Christmas.


THIS MONTH’S SELECTION is a 2014 “14 Hands Winery” Merlot from Washington’s Columbia Valley. First, the derivation of the unusual name on the label. (The label itself is a work of art, created by artist Cynthia Sampson for this special wine.) 14 hands label celebrates the spirit of the wild horses that once roamed the Columbia River Basin. Although only 14 hands in height these tough little horses were highly respected for their strength, endurance

and unbridled spirit.

Now for the 2014 Merlot. This is a round, structured wine loaded with rich flavors and aromas of blackberry, plum, cherry and mocha. It is soft on the palate and very food friendly.Abv is 13.5%. Available at Village Spirits in McCormick for about $12.00.


THERE WAS AN explosion at a cheese factory in France. There was De-Brie everywhere!•

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