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Group of participants at gun range

THE WEATHER COULD not have been better for the annual fun day and business meeting for members of the Rod and Gun Club, unlike the washout last year.

Members turned out at the gun range in the morning for a competitive pistol shoot using bowling pins and metal plates as targets. Later in the morning, more competition was enjoyed at the Hickory Knob Skeet Range.

Marina Skea shooting Lady shooter makes a hit

Following the outdoor events, members gathered at the Red Barn (aka Long Cane Center) at Hickory Knob for a time of socializing, dinner, awards and a business meeting. Winners of the Handgun Pins and Plates events at the gun range, by category were: 22 caliber – Men - Josh Sandt, Ladies - Marina Skea; Revolvers – Charles Lewis; Low Capacity Magazine Centerfire – Charles Lewis; and High Capacity Magazine Centerfire – Len Azzarano. Winner of the skeet shoot and this

year’s holder of the coveted “traveling belt buckle” was Al Gaer. Al just edged out Gary McCarbery and Steve Blevins for the event.

The flurry was won by Josh Sandt, Falling pin POWER SQUADRON TLSPS Fall Color Tour to Captains and Crew Thank You

THE THURMOND LAKE Sail and Power Squadron would like to thank the Captains and Crew of the Fall Color Tour for an absolutely spectacular event. We had 26 boats and over 160 Captains and crew on this adventure to Russell Dam. The weather and scenery were both spectacular. The “ooohs and aaahs” could be heard all the way to Charleston! Thanks to all, without you this event would not have been possible.•

12 • December 2016 •

Tony Gallo and Kyle Ware. (Tony and Kyle are from event sponsors.)

Using a modified Lewis Scoring System in skeet, awards were given to Rick Banker, Kathy Blevins and Marina Skea. Congratulations to all participants and winners!

After a delicious dinner , the annual business meeting was held and officers were elected for 2017. New officers are: President - Mark Young ; Vice President - Wayne Schollenberger; Secretary – Sandi Bonam; Treasurer – Wendy Kvale; Range Coordinator – Janie Clark; and Communications – Ken Wiles. The Rod and Gun Club brings together residents of Savannah Lakes Village who have interests in fishing, hunting and shooting sports. Membership has grown from a little over 100 in 2009 to over 200 this year.

A few of the activities for club members include seminars and classes on fishing, hunting and wildlife, self defense, and choosing weapons; rifle and handgun marksmanship programs; quarterly defensive shooting, firearms safety training and fun competitive events. Dues for the club are $25 per person per year, with an additional $20 per person for those who want to use the club’s gun range. Anyone wishing to join the club can contact the club treasurer, Wendy Kvale, or the POA office to make the arrangements.•

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