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ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 at 9:00 a.m., 23 health- minded men and women ran and walked a 5K route. The day was beautiful and the temperature perfect. Four of the Ed Meyers First Responders volunteered to be situated along the route to assist as needed. The Recreation Center Team at Savannah Lakes Village worked to make this event fun and encouraged the participants. Plans are to continue having this type of event each year to promote exercise and health in our community. Please check out all event photos on SLV Facebook page.•

Winners and times are below for this event.

5K Results 1st Place Overall – Ralph Layton 32:26 1st Place Female 50 & Under – Krista Cooper 1:09:50 1st Place Female 51-60 – Carol Schwenk 37:27 1st Place Female 61-70 – Jeanne Melick 49:31 1st Place Male 61-70 – Gary Melick 49:31 1st Place Female 71 & over – Gloria Bramble 46:24 1st Place Male 71 & over – Ken McGhie 48:38

Just a Few Glitches by GLORIA BRAMBLE

o celebrate the Halloween, twenty-one members and guests of the OAC took a 13 mile bike ride down the August Canal tow pathon Saturday, October 20.

Incredibly, everyone had the same idea for their costume. We all dressed up as amazingly fit senior citizen bikers! The group met at the Food Lion in McCormick. After a few glitches of bikes not fitting on bike racks and road construction holding up some folks in traffic, the group finally took off at 10:45am for the Savannah River Rapids Park launching site.Upon arrival at the park, and after unloading the bikes and donning helmets, the group began biking along the 7.5 mile trail. Well . . . half the group began biking. The other half had gathered at a

10 • December 2016 •

different spot and were looking for the rest of us. Just another small glitch. Through the magic of cell phones we finally all got the group together and biked our way down the trail. It was a beautiful, sunny day; perfect for biking. The trail we biked runs along a green strip between the canal and the Savannah River. Many parts are tree-canopied providing a shady path with a pretty waterway on each side. The leisurely pace made it possible to talk to various bikers, and several new friendships were formed. We stopped for lunch at Olmstead

Halloween Bike Ride Group

Ralph Layton (left) and Charlie Faulkoner use a Swiss Army knife to remove a bungee cord from the bike chain.

Park which is a beautiful picnic area alongside the canal. The tablecloth was spread, the candle lit, and lunch was served. What? You weren’t expecting tablecloths and candles? This is the SLV Outdoor Adventure Club were talking about. We dine with class. (I’m skimming over the grease-smeared legs, sweaty shirts, and the dreaded “helmet hair!”) Before beginning our return trip, we all gathered with our bikes for a group picture to commemorate the occasion. Another small glitch occurred at this point when a bungee cord got caught up in a bike chain. It took five men, two women, and one Swiss army knife to extricate the cord. The biker now has two smaller bungees. Kudos go to Judy Lorier who was the main organizer of the trip. She did a great job of providing perfect weather, a safe day of biking, and a fun outdoor adventure.•

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