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Athletics Youth sports

Archery Instructors: SportsKids Inc.

Safety, learning the parts of an arrow and recurve bow, the basics of using a recurve bow, and fundamental shooting skills are the primary focus of this program. Your child will improve her upper body strength, focus, and balance in the national 9-step to the 10 ring progression system, developed by the Coaches Development Committee of the National Archery Association. Class includes games and techniques using blunt-tipped arrows, bows, and targets which are provided. The 4pm program is for 8-14 year olds, and the 4:45pm program is for 6-7 year olds with a parent. Parent fee is included. Age: 8-14. Soccer Field D.

Code Day Date 6695 W 4/19-5/24 Time 4-4:45pm R/NR $65/$85

Volleyball Skills Clinic Instructors: SportsKids Inc.

This camp is a must if your child is trying to improve on the fundamentals or playing volleyball for the first time. Our experienced coaches will work with your child on passing, serving, defense, setting, blocking, and hitting. Your athlete will also work on technique, set location, play sets, footwork and overall knowledge of the game. Through team drills and game play, your child will learn offensive and defensive systems aimed at developing a well-rounded skill set, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship. Please bring a water bottle. Age: 8-12. Gym 1.

Code Day Date Time 6633 M-F 2/20-2/24 4-5:15pm

Youth Futsal Skills & Games Clinic Instructor: SportsKids, Inc.

Futsal is a fun, popular indoor version of soccer that originated in Brazil and is now played worldwide. The game is played on a court with four players plus a goalie. Futsal uses a heavier weighted ball for better control. The small-sided format allows players more touches which is critical to developing confidence with the ball. The clinic is designed to develop technical skills and game playing that will allow youngsters to grow in Futsal and have lots of fun! Age: 7-12. Gym 1.

Code Day Date 6631 M-F 1/23-1/27 soccer

Tots Soccer Instructor: Love It! Dream It! Live It!

Introduction to Fencing Children

Provide your child with the opportunity to improve coordination, confidence, and focus and she is introduced to the royal art of fencing using basic foils. Skilled instructors will emphasize safety, correct fencing procedures, and etiquette. Your child will also learn footwork, rules, stances, parries, and thrusts. All equipment is provided. No registration will be accepted after the first week of the program. Once registered, attendance at the first two classes is required to remain enrolled. Age: 9-15. Gym 1. No Class: 3/28.

Code Day Date 6624 Tu 6626 Tu

Kids Tri Too

Children are natural multisport athletes playing soccer, football, baseball, tag, kickball, swimming etc. This course will teach them the sport of triathlon. This 8 week course will prepare participants for Cori’s Kid’s triathlon. Topics covered in the course will include swim, run, and cycling techniques, workouts, stretching, core work and transitions. Participants should be prepared to run during the first class. Subsequent classes will be varied utilizing the pool, track and outdoor cycling path. Ages: 8-14. Studio D.

Code Day Date 6866 TuTh 4/11-6/1 Time 4-5pm R/NR $105/$131 Time

1/10-3/14 3/21-5/30

6:30-7:30pm 6:30-7:30pm


$75/$98 $75/$98

This program is for participants ages 3, 4, and 5 years old who will learn basic soccer skills in a fun, experimental and creative environment designed specifically for the youngest soccer players. Each session will focus on teaching body coordination, balance and proper technique. Age: 3-5. Gym 3.

Code Day Date 6768 Tu 6769 Tu


1/10-2/14 2/21-3/21

Adult & Tot Soccer Instructors: SportsKids Inc.

Get active with your toddler and watch your youngster discover the skills, moves, and joy of playing America’s most popular youth sport! You will see your tot develop large motor, coordination, balance, and listening skills as the two of you practice dribbling, passing, and shooting in a fun, noncompetitive environment. Ages: 2-3 with adult. Soccer Field D.

Code Day Date 6696 W 4/19-5/24

LDL Pre-Travel Skills Class Instructor: Love It! Dream It! Live It!

Improve technique on ways to score and gain confidence in front of a goal in our skills class. In this training for soccer beginners, all participants will be given the skills and tools they will need to prepare them for a travel soccer team. They will work on dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and basic team principles through small sided games and technical skills activities. Learn while having fun! Gym 2.

Code Day Date 6771 Tu 6770 Tu


2/28-3/28 2/28-3/28

4-4:45pm 4:45-5:45pm R/NR

$67/$84 $75/$94

Age: 5-6 Age: 7-9

Time R/NR 5:45-6:30pm $65/$85

2-2:45pm 2-2:45pm


$80/$100 $67/$84

Time 4-5:15pm R/NR $65/$80 R/NR $65/$80

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