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Group Exercise dance and cardio

Bhangra/Bollywood Dance Instructor: Trupti Vyas

This is a fun global dance workout! Gain stamina, burn calories, and feel energized while having a blast dancing to the Bhangra/Bollywood dance beats! Studio A.

Th Sa

6-6:55pm 10-10:55am

Belly Dancing Instructor: Daisy Raihani

Tone your body while enjoying the mystery of an ancient art form combined with modern and trendy dance flair. The grace and fluidity of belly dancing is an excellent tension reliever, fantastic for toning your body and improving flexibility. Instructor Daisy Raihani has taught dance classes in Southern California for over 15 years. Studio A.

Th Th

7:15pm-8pm (continuing) 8pm-8:45pm (beginner)

Cardio Cross Train Instructor: Kennen Hootman

Raise your heart rate into and above fat burning levels using boot camp drills, calisthenics, jump ropes, dumb bells, and step boards. Suitable for both athletes and non-athletes seeking to increase endurance, agility, and power in a challenging class. Gym.

TuTh 6-6:45am

Cardio Interval Instructor: Shelly Sterling

Get fit and have fun in this upbeat cardio interval class! Cardio, sculpting, and stretching intervals are alternated throughout the class. Interval exercise is known to help increase cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Join us for a great workout! Gym.

TuTh 9-9:55am

Cardio Mix Instructor: Jackie Yu

Mix it up with a cardiovascular workout designed to boost your calorie burn! Have fun with a combination of dance fitness, hi-low aerobics, and step aerobics. Core work and stretches finish your endorphin rush! Studio A.

WF 12-12:45pm

Lean 15 Instructor: Jackie Yu

Get going with 15 minutes each of cardio, strength, and corrective flexibility. Open to any skill level with attention to form and overall fitness. Studio A.

TuTh Sa

11-11:45am 9-9:45am

Spin Instructor: Dolly Kern

Take a non-stop journey on a stationary bicycle to improve and maintain cardiovascular fitness, strength, and energy for daily activities. Proper breathing techniques and body positioning will be introduced. Padded or cycling shorts are highly recommended. Studio D.

MWF 7:30-8:25am

W.E.R.Q. (Cardio Dance) Instructor: Monique Duazo

WERQ is the fiercely fun dance fitness workout based on current pop, rock, and hip hop music. The warm-up previews the dance steps used in class and the cool-down incorporates yoga and balance-inspired poses. WERQ’s signature method of cueing ensures an easy to follow routine. Treat yourself to this highly addictive, serious calorie burning workout! Studio A.

M Tu

12-12:45pm 5:15-6pm

Zumba Instructor: Anita Modrovic

Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba is a high energy dance fitness experience! Latin inspired rhythms and music move you like nothing else. Burn calories and have fun at the same time! All levels welcome, no dance experience required.

Tu Th Sa

6-6:55pm 6-6:55pm


Studio A Studio D Studio B

There will be no regularly scheduled Group Exercise classes during these times: February 17 - 21, March 27 - April 1, April 13-15, May 27 - 30.

Fitness Center Rules • Always check in at the front desk. • No phone use in fitness center or track. • Children younger than 11 may not access the Fitness Center or track. Children ages 11-13 may have access under parental or trainer supervision. (Parents must stay with their children!) • No more than two 11-13 year olds per one adult supervisor. • Proper attire required. No sandals! • Wipe down equipment after use. • Return all equipment after each use. • Be courteous to others; share equipment and allow others to use equipment during rest periods.

• Do not remove equipment from the Fitness Center. • Cardio equipment limited to 30 minutes during busy hours. • Do not “bang” or drop dumbbells. • No chalk usage. • Only water/sports drinks in containers with tops allowed. • No bags, purses, coats, etc. • Please return your towels. • Fitness floor staff are available during hours of operation. • No outside personal training is allowed without the permission of the fitness supervisor.

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