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Group Exercise These classes are all included as a benefit of the fitness membership. Nonmembers may

participate in these great classes by paying the daily fee. Scheduled class times include equipment set-up and clean-up time. Classes are subject to change, capacities may change at instructor’s discretion. Group Exercise is for participants 14 years and older.

Winter & Spring classes run 1/9-6/3. low impact classes

Low-Impact Aerobics Instructor: Linda Hillsman, Meg Olander, Mari Kadar-Morgan

Burn calories, improve endurance, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility in this invigorating low impact aerobics class. This is a perfect moderate intensity total body workout for individuals of varying fitness levels, using resistance training, floor work, and flexibility exercises. Studio A.

MWF 8-8:55am

Low Impact Cardio Jam Instructor: Meg Olander

A fun mid-tempo energetic class that incorporates choreographed aerobics to elevate your heart rate, strength segments to define your muscles, and a relaxing stretch. Mon: Studio A. Wed. & Fri: Studio B.

MWF 10-10:55am

Low Impact Dance Aerobics Instructor: Trupti Vyas

The ultimate low impact dance workout! Join us on the “dance floor” where we will burn calories, strengthen, and sculpt while dancing and grooving to the beat! Resistance training, floor work, and flexibility exercises are included. All fitness levels are welcome! Studio A.

TuTh 9-9:55am

Power Walking Instructor: Staci Guido

This is a moderate to fast paced walking class using light weights to tone from head to toe. Track.

WF 10-10:45am

Sit and Stay Fit & Active Instructor: Mari Kadar-Morgan/Meg Olander/Staci Guido

Stay active, help reduce stiffness, improve your energy level, and increase your strength in this class. We will be using a variety of exercise tools, from chairs and balance boards to light hand weights and resistance bands. Whether you are sitting or standing, let’s get strong and healthy by improving your balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Studio B.


W 9-9:55am F

9:30-10:25am 11-11:45am

Fun modified group exercise schedules will replace regular classes on the following dates: February 17 - 21 | March 27 - April 1 | April 13-15 | May 27 - 30


Core Conditioning Instructor: Mari Kadar-Morgan

Condition and sculpt abdominal, back, shoulder, arm, and thigh muscles with this core and body sculpting class. Medicine balls and plyometrics are used to develop strength. Stability balls, great for toning the core area, will be used to enhance our workouts. Studio A.

MW 6-6:55pm

H.E.A.T. Instructor: Jackie Yu

High energy intervals of cardio, strength, and power combined for maximum fat burn and strength gain. If your current program is lacking results or you need a jump start, come feel the HEAT! Studio A.

Sa 11-11:45am

Strength & Mobility Instructor: Kennen Hootman

Join us for a low impact, energetic fat burning class that will also build lean muscle. This class contains an hour-long mix of mobility work, cardio, and strength training, finishing with floor work and stretching. Studio A.

MWF 9-9:55am

Strength-Flex Instructor: Jackie Yu

Strength training at its finest! Total body functional strength and corrective flexibility are emphasized in this unique class. Learn correct strength training form, improve posture, increase flexibility and feel confident in your abilities! Studio A.

TuTh 12-12:45pm strength and conditioning

Boot Camp Instructor: Tina Houpy

Get in tip-top physical condition, look and feel great too! You’re guaranteed to work hard, sweat and have a lot of fun! This class combines cardio, strength training, flexibility, and core fitness using a variety of fitness tools. Gym.

MWF 9:20-10:05am

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