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3. The T.A claim of Grade III and Grade IV Officers shall not exceed the limit admissible to Grade II (b) Officers concerned depending upon area of jurisdiction.

4. In order to avoid misusing of the provision that journeys outside an officers jurisdiction, undertaken under the order of the competent authority, will not be reckoned for the purpose of ceiling, the following conditions are also imposed in the case of such journeys.

(I) For officers with jurisdiction over part of a District (Sub Revenue District), Official tours outside their jurisdiction within the Revenue District will be subjected to a further ceiling as applicable to an officer of correspording grade with jurisdiction over one Revenue District, for the journeys undertaken by him within the District, including journeys within the Sub Revenue District.

(II) The TA ceiling as applicable to State Level Officers of the concerned grade will also apply to all officers with Regional, District or sub District Level jurisdiction for the journeys undertaken by them outside their jurisdiction with in the state, including journeys within the jurisdiction.


5. Journeys outside the State performed by all officers with the approval of the competent authority will not be reckoned for TA ceiling.

6. The monthly ceiling may be executed by a maximum of 20%, but the increase should be adjusted within the limit of the respective quarter itself. The quarterly ceiling shall not be exceeded on any account.

7. In the case of officers travelling in Government vehicles, all his claims including TA, DA at places of halt, incidental expenses, rail journeys etc. within his jurisdiction shall not exceed 50% of the monthly/quarterly T.A. Ceiling as applicable to the officer of his grade in this order. But this reduction will not be applicable to Drivers of Departmental vehicles vide Government order as 1st paper.

8. In order to check irregular drawing of T.A. Claims, all drawing and disbursing officers and self drawing officers shall certify in the T.A. Bill that the claimant has not exceeded the monthly/quarterly ceilings.

9. These orders will take prospective effect only.

(By Order of the Governor) Dr. K.M. ABRAHAM

Additional Chief Secretary (Finance). ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○ ○


Group Insurance Scheme - Reclassification of Scale of Pay of Groups and Revision of Rate of Subscription - Orders issued. FINANCE (GROUP INSURANCE SCHEME) DEPARTMENT G.O.(P)No,112l2016/Fin. Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, O1/O8/2O16.

Read :- 1. G.O(P)No.392/1984/Fin dated 09.0B.1984., 2. G.O(P)No.249 /2010 /Fin dated 21.04.2010., 3. G.O(P)No.381/ 2011/Fin dated 06,09.2011., 4. G.O(P)No,07 /2076/Fin dated 20.01.2016., 5. Letter No. Ins/Dev.Wing /DV3/ T001604318 dated 19 / 07 / 2016.


The scales of Pay of State Government employees have been revised in the Government Order read as 4th Paper above. The Director of Insurance in his letter read as Sth paper above has recommended to reclassify the scales of pay of Groups and revise the rates of subscription under Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme.

2. Government after examining the proposal in detail are pleased to reclassify the scales of pay of Groups and revise the rates of subscription under Group Insurance scheme with effect from 01/09/2016 as shown below.

Sl. No. 1 Rs. 55350-101400 and above

2. Rs. 35700-75600 and above but below Rs. 55350-101400 3. Rs. 17000-37500 and above but below Rs. 35700-75600 4. Rs. 16500-35700 and above but below Rs. 17000-37500

Scale of Pay

Group A B C D

Rate of Subscription 600 500 400 300

(The Subscription for the scheme shall continue to be in units of Rs.10 per month ) 3. All the employees now subscribing to the Group Insurance Scheme should come over to the revised rate of subscription with reference to the revised scales of pay as above.

4. Formal amendment to the Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme Rules,2010 will be issued separately. (By order of the Governor)

Dr. K.M. ABRAHAM (Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) 46 sIPnHF \yqkv sk]v‰w_¿ 2016

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