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US NAVY ACTIVE COMPONENT Site Atsugi Transportation Division NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka Yokosuka, Japan

The Site Atsugi Transportation Division plays a vital role as a western Pacific logistics integrator to provide a full array of high-qual- ity transportation services. Major customers include Carrier Air Wing FIVE (CVW-5) and its nine squadrons, Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron FIVE ONE (HSM-51), Commander Fleet Air Forward (CFAF), Atsugi Aviation Support Division (ASD), Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific (FRC WESTPAC), 29 tenant commands of Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi, and both perma- nent and transiting Forward Deployed Naval Forces operating in the US 5th Fleet and US 7th Fleet areas of responsibility. The transportation division provides tech- nical support and area expertise to manage and process all categories of material rang- ing from high priority, classified and special handling required to routine requirements. The division actively engages with custom- ers in direct support of the force deployment cycle, major exercises and tactical operations enabling them to achieve and maintain the highest levels of readiness while operating in the fast- paced, forward deployed environ- ment. Site Atsugi Transportation Division accomplishments are deserving of the 2015 National Defense Transportation Associa- tion (NDTA) Military Unit Award.

US NAVY RESERVE COMPONENT Navy Cargo Handling Battalion Thirteen Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Group Gulfport, Mississippi

Navy Cargo Handling Battalion THIR- TEEN (NCHB THIRTEEN) is an Ech- elon VI command under the 4th Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment, a com- ponent of the Navy Expeditionary Logis- tics Support Group (NAVELSG). NCHB THIRTEEN is a commissioned reserve command charged with rapidly deploying expeditionary air, surface, terminal, and fuels for combat support, humanitarian assistance, and other contingencies. From 1 January to 31 December 2015,

NCHB THIRTEEN operated on five differ- ent continents for both exercises and real world operations. The battalion supported events

ranging from pier side operations on the Medi- terranean and Antarctic coasts to providing air cargo functions in Middle Eastern deserts. NCHB THIRTEEN’s sailors certainly upheld their responsibilities to the na- tion in 2016 by answering the call of duty across the globe. The battalion’s successes throughout the year are deserving of the 2016 National Defense Transportation As- sociation (NDTA) Military Unit Award.

USAF AIR NATIONAL GUARD 109th Logistics Readiness Squadron 109th Airlift Wing Scotia, New York

Air Force

USAF ACTIVE COMPONENT 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron 31st Mission Support Group Aviano Air Base, Italy

In 2015, the 31st Logistics Readiness Squad- ron (31st LRS) synchronized 388 personnel, and supported seven combatant commands (COCOMs), 34 geographically separated units and 88 squadrons. It is the number one DOD inspected Wing, acing two surety and three Wing inspections. The unit has had worldwide impact. It airlifted 18,500 pas- sengers, executed 621 missions and support- ed five COCOMs, all while maintaining the best aircraft departure rate in the Air Force. The 31st LRS fused US Army Europe (USAREUR) and Air Mobility Command (AMC) for Operation United Assistance in which the squadron moved 918 tons of medical equipment, assisting to eliminate the spread of Ebola spread in 11 nations. The squadron also spearheaded Exercise Noble Shirley by providing logistics support for 350 personnel and four C-130s. The 31st LRS powered Exercise Swift Response, the largest airborne training since the end of the Cold War. The unit led movement for Exercise Sea Breeze, posturing 11 nations combat sea interdiction capabilities. In addition to its outstanding support of critical exercises, the 31st LRS quarter- backed mission capable deliveries, and fu- eled special operations and Army convoy operations. The squadron fostered premier support for 102 distinguished visitors and was tasked with supporting the National Airborne Operation Center with world leader protection during the G7 summit. The unit drove Nepal earthquake relief. The squadron also oversaw a historic C-5 stage operation. For these achievements, among many others, the 31st deserves to be honored as an NDTA Unit of the Year.

The 109th Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) provided exemplary logistical sup- port to the 109th Airlift Wing/LC-130 unit, as well as air transportation functions in the Arctic, Antarctic and locations re- lated to the Global War on Terrorism. Domestic operations of the 109th LRS include supporting the city of Buffalo dur- ing historic snowfall in New York. The squadron supported the Governor’s Citi- zen Preparedness Initiative, training state citizens on emergency preparedness issues. In addition, the squadron provided train- ing support to seven 109th Airlift Wing units for domestic operations supporting state needs.

The 109th LRS is proud of its mission success during Operation Deep Freeze (ODF), in which it moved over 807 short tons of cargo and 97 passengers. The unit served as the ODF Joint Inspection sched- uling lead for the Pacific Air Forces. Unit members deployed to the South Pole Sta- tion provided air transportation expertise used to evaluate the scope of the retrograde cargo project. The squadron also provided mission support to the National Science Foundation in Greenland moving 678 short tons of cargo and 1,547 passengers on 193 missions with zero deficiencies. The unit provided certification of weight,

measurement and HAZMAT documen- tation for the 2nd Civil Support Team (CST), ensuring 24/7 deployed readiness. The 109th LRS also assisted the 2nd CST during Vigilant Guard Exercise. The unit’s international support includes

participation in the Joint Task Force North’s Operation Nunalivuit 15 in the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The unit also supported the deployment of the 127th Airlift Wing for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Ad- ditionally, in support of OEF, the 109th LRS support the 139th Airlift Squadron mandated security forces squadron techni- cal training, provided night operations of cargo loading using night vision equipment.

US AIR FORCE RESERVE COMPONENT 50th Aerial Port Squadron 452d Air Mobility Wing March Air Reserve Base, California

50th Aerial Port Squadron (50th APS) pro- vided outstanding support over the past | 27

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