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profit, educational organization historically and continuing to be strongly affiliated with the United States government—dedicated to educational and professional develop- ment programs to foster and sustain strong and efficient global transportation and dis- tribution system in support of national secu- rity. Candidate universities and colleges will have strong transportation, logistics or sup- ply chain management programs. The in- tent of this relationship is to encourage and facilitate interaction between organization- al and individual members of the NDTA and the academic institutions’ schools, de- partments and/or individual faculty or stu- dents in support of the shared purposes of:

1. Establishing common forums to explore and discuss topics which promote trans- portation preparedness for peacetime and the elements of national power sup- porting the national security of our na- tion in times of conflict

2. Assuring a current and future supply of a professional transportation and lo- gistics workforce for both industry and government through support of under- graduate and advanced education, life- long learning through professional de- velopment, and building bridges to close

skills and leadership gaps needed to be successful in a rapidly changing world

3. Providing active, non-partisan assis- tance to appropriate government agen- cies and industry engaged in peacetime and national security transportation preparedness planning


Conducting or assisting programs of trans- portation education, science, research and development, among NDTA’s members and its stakeholders designed to foster ef- ficient use of energy, improve the environ- ment, and increase the safety, effectiveness, economy and responsiveness of transporta- tion industry and supporting ancillary services for the movement of people and goods in times of peace and conflict

5. Fostering the spirit of patriotic good- will, productive dialogue, cooperative endeavor and mutual understanding among NDTA members, the academic community, the transportation industry, as well as government departments and agencies concerned with transportation.”

CONCLUSION Your NDTA leadership is committed to fun- damental and deep transformation to make your association more valuable to you by pro-

viding or connecting you to important and relevant education and professional develop- ment resources—essential to current and new members of the transportation profession, as well as to our industry members, potential university partners and all government orga- nizations with a stake in transportation and the nation’s security. We will update you as this process works forward. Most of all, please tell us what you think. An association can pay its members no greater honor than asking for their professional opinion, to tell us what they need and to solicit their active assistance in helping their association thrive. DTJ

Dan Sulka is a former transportation/multi- functional Logistics Corps Army Colonel with extensive military and private sector leader de- velopment and executive education experience. He has worked in tech industry as a director of logistics and product support and is currently consulting, as well as working for a women’s owned small business as Director of Business De- velopment and Program Management. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with master’s degrees from the School of Advanced Military Studies and the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy.


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