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educational mission, adapt our operating models and increase membership benefits. A high-level working sketch of this ar- chitecture, Figure 1, provides a flavor of how the six strategic thoughts can be trans- lated into a path forward to develop and deliver educational and professional de- velopment opportunities to you and your organizations. Keep in mind as you view it, that “Ways” and “Means” can align to more than one “End” and that we have list- ed just a few of the means needed to power the strategy.

ACCELERATING THE STRATEGY— UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS In April, RADM Buzby accelerated a key “means” of the strategy, consistent with his 2016 goal statement to our Board of Direc- tors. He did not want to miss opportunities while the strategy was under development and being collaborated with association lead- ership and membership. He asked for the concept of “University

Partnerships” be fleshed out to: • Define possible ways of structuring a relationship with academia

• Articulate the alignment of NDTA needs to those of universities offering

Figure 2.

programs in transportation, travel, lo- gistics or supply chain management

• Identify possibilities for exchanges of services of mutual benefit

• Conduct a cost benefit analysis of options Essential to a potential relationship with

a university is the basic expectation of a true partnership versus a new category of organizational membership. During a strat- egy session with the staff, they observed the University Partnership element of the educa- tional strategy could fundamentally change the NDTA operating model—creating new

opportunities and value for NDTA mem- bers, corporate members and government stakeholders. This is shown in Figure 2.

WORKING DEFINITION OF A UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP As a result of this planning session, we have adapted the following working defi- nition of an NDTA University Partnership so we can proceed with the task of fully developing the concept: “An NDTA University Partnership is a mu- tually beneficial, substantive relationship between academia and NDTA—a non-

Adventure awaits.

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12 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2016

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