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News from Wigley Orchard and St Michaels Caravan Parks • October 2016 • Issue 61 The Hopbine The gas man cometh ...

Lots of fun and mud on Wigley Bank in Octo- ber. First John and Blonty dug trenches to lay the gas pipes in. This involved digging up most of the bottom half of the park. Then they dug a very big hole while Dan

did lots of dumpering to take the soil away. The gas tanks arrived and were plopped

into the hole onto concrete bases and strapped down.

At the time of going to press we’re wait-

ing for the gas men to come and finish lay- ing the pipes and to connect the system to the new tanks. Then we just need to wait for the grass to grow ... By the time we open the park next

March there will be a meter next to each car- avan pitch and we’ll connect you to the new supply when your bottles run out. This con-

nection will be free of charge at any time next year but charges will apply from 1st January 2018. Just to prove that little boys never really

grow up, Dan and Blonty couldn’t resist taking time out while they were backfilling the hole to play submarines - or maybe they were just showing how big the tanks are!

Stroll On! another great success

Hello and goodbye

Welcome to new caravan owners at Wigley Or- chard: Michelle Picken and Morris Millward

from Stourbridge Maria Hodgetts from Bromsgrove Ian Banks and Howard Thomas from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

and at St Michaels: Lee Ballard from Birmingham

We say goodbye to Stephen Boswell at St Michaels.

Left to right: Brian, Wanda and Charlie Rankin, Sharon Baker, the Jones family, Mark Gordon and Pa- tricia, Angie and Mark Clayton, Mary Lowe and Sue Watkin, Martin Tuck, Peter Lloyd, Liz Wyse and Andy, Keith Bradney, Kirsty and Michael Wyse, Christina Farmer, Neil Dancer

22 walkers and four dogs set out from Bank House on Sunday 28th August for our annual Stroll On! sponsored walk. Walkers included the Jones family from Conwy who were stay- ing in one of our holiday caravans. Our gar- dener Liz also joined us with her friend Andy, her son Michael and his girlfriend Kirsty. Christina came along too with her dog Lucy, and we were very pleased that our friends Charlie and Wanda came all the way from Sur- rey, Peter from Abberley and Mark and Patricia from Devon. First home in a record time of two hours

were Mary Lowe and Sue Watkin, followed by Martin Tuck. We were joined after the walk by more car-

avan owners for a pleasant afternoon of food (including Sandra’s now traditional hot dogs!),

drink and some more money raising ploys in- cluding guess the name of the doll and guess the weight of the cake. Many thanks to Christina for making the cake, which was de- licious (it was won by our friends who were staying overnight so we got to taste it!) and to Mark and Angie Clayton for bringing a huge and also delicious carrot cake which disap- peared in minutes! We raised just over £1,200 for our chosen

charity, Cancer Research UK, and hope that this total will rise when all the Gift Aid has been added. Many, many thanks to all of you who do-

nated, who walked or who came along to help make the day such a great success. And it’s not too late to help, just go to

We float their boat!

Mr and Mrs Plant, who arrived for their holi- day at Wigley Orchard in September, have been coming here for 22 years, sometimes more than once a year. Mr and Mrs van Gemeren from Holland were here for the twelfth time – they always come in September and stay for three weeks. Mr Stroud has been coming here every year for seven years. In early October Mr and Mrs Robson, with

their distinctive number plate JOy, enjoyed their 15th fortnight’s holiday here since 2008. On the Hoseasons’ website Tony Robson gave us 10 out of 10 and wrote: “We have stayed here for some years, twice each year. In 2016 we were at Wigley Orchard three times ... we have already booked for 2017. This site definitely floats our coracle!” Thanks to all our visitors who come again and again. We must be doing something right!

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