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HERALD RADIO is now in “The evil one may not have

returned, but this one is plainly made in her image. The message of exclusion and mischief-making division. The lies, the damned lies, the selective use of bogus statistics. These we have all seen before. The mad-eyed stare, the – with respect to Mr Fox – vulpine smile,” there was an uneasy laugh and Mr Fox raised his paw and winked at Draenog for a second time, “these too we have all seen before.”

Draenog paused. “But this is not the evil one.

Draenog has acquired some skill in the language of the human invaders and he knows that this one who has caused such disturbance and distress this evening is not the evil one returned.”

There was applause. “This one is made in the evil

one’s image and her message is a lie. Look at us here in the woodland. Some of us have roots in this land going back beyond the dawn of human habitation, but there are among us the birds of the air and beasts of the field who are not native to these islands, though many think they are. “We are all immigrants to

these islands or the descendants of immigrants. Look at the humans; the first occupiers of these island were absorbed by the second wave, and so and so on and so on going back thousands of years in a process that continues to this day. That is the natural order of things: change, evolution, the strengthening of the

old with the blood of the new.” Draenog gathered himself:

“Humans are merely tenants, my friends. They come and go like sheep that pass in the night. So rest assured, just because it looks like the evil one, walks like the evil one and talks like the evil one, does not mean it IS the evil one. “This ‘Theresa May, Prime

Minister’, however, is nonetheless AN evil one. We should all be careful of her, her lies, and her message of hate,” Draenog concluded, grabbed his things and wandering off into the night. While his woodland friends seemed calmer, the words of Theresa May still rang in his ears. Draenog’s world seemed

a suddenly bleaker and less welcoming place.

its fifth week of the Ten Grand Giveaway competition, and excitement has been growing within the studio and West Wales to see who will be the winner of the grand prize of £10,000! There will be a chance at the

end of the 10 weeks to catch up if you missed any of last week’s questions, so don’t worry if you forgot to listen in – tune in today and catch the all-important giveaway question! And don’t worry if you want to join in but haven’t got yourself a grid – get in touch with us at studio@ and we’ll help you out! This week we’ve been concentrating on our news stories, making sure we’re bringing the people of West Wales the most informative and up-to-date news stories on the hour, every hour. Reporter Tamsin Mathias

interviewed the owner of a community supported Peasant Bakery in St Davids in Pembrokeshire called Torth y Tir,

which is Welsh for ‘Load of the Land’. We got to hear about the whole

process, from where is starts in the field, being grown with heritage grains, and being processed and milled on site, ending up with naturally leavened bread baked entirely by hand. The interview will be broadcast this week, so keep an ear out if you want to tune in to hear all about it! We have also been attending

the Magistrates’ courts across West Wales this week, and have heard some juicy stories appear on the radio following sitting in on the cases! If you want to keep as up-to- date as you possibly can, then tune in to Herald Radio, because you’ll hear it here first! Don’t forget that Herald Radio

is now over at www.heraldradio., and other than our Facebook page, you can keep up to date by following us on Twitter and Instagram, as well as liking us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news and events, right here at Herald Radio.


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