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Mystery at Teatr Y Castell MYSTERY took over the stage

at Theatr Y Castell last weekend (Oct 1-2) as ‘Aberystwyth Mon Amour’ made its grand entrance. Dubbed as an unforgettable

Welsh Noir, the fantastic production, presented by Lighthouse Theatre, truly exceeded in presenting a unique experience and a brilliant night out at the theatre. Described by the Daily Telegraph

as an ‘abundant comic talent’, the new version is adapted for the stage by its author, Malcolm Pryce. Adapted from the 2001 book

written by Pryce, the ‘King of Welsh Noir’ himself, the production underwent a development process which involved public showings before an invited audience in 2014. ‘Aberystwyth Mon Amour’ is one of six Louis Knight novel series and is definitely worth a read and worth a trip to see a performance. The exciting story follows

the mystery into the unexpected disappearance of schoolboys all over the town of Aberystwyth. Who better than to take on the case of the disappearance than Aberystwyth’s best (and only) Detective Louie Knight, along with his sidekick Calamity Jane? There are a number of conspiracy theories up their sleeves and a lot of

Rhian Boyt


suspects, including the Welsh Atlantis, Welsh Teacher Lovespoon and the mystery of Gwenno Guevera. To help matters, Sospan, the ice-cream seller, is on hand to provide a few double ripples but unfortunately, not even this can solve the mystery of the unknown. The question is, can the detective

and his sidekick crack the code to the mystery disappearance? Director Abigail Anderson has

over 85 productions to her name, and now she can officially add ‘Aberystwyth Mon Amour’ as another successful story to her career. Sitting in a room full of people

sucked into the mysteriousness of the story, it is clear that there are many advantages to seeing this play, especially from the production side of things. Looking at the well-made beach hut with a seagull on top, the ice cream stand and the street light positioned at the front of the stage, it is evident that set designer Simon Scullion strongly emphasises Aberystwyth as a seaside town just as much as it is in the novel. The script is also excellently

delivered, with magnificent one liners flying from one side of the room to

the other and Aberystwyth references thrown into the mix for the people who are well acquainted with the town. In other words, it is full of ‘in- jokes’ that make the story come to life before the audience’s eyes and make it that little bit more relevant. In addition, there is not a moment

in the production where all members of the cast do not captivate the audience’s attention from beginning to end. All performers, namely Matt

Addis (Louis Knight), Catrin Mai- Huw (Calamity), Llinos Daniel (Mwyfanwy), Phyl Harries (Sospan), Non Haf (Bianca), David Prince (Herod Jenkins), Sonya Beck (Mrs Llantrisant) and Adrian Metcalfe (Eeyore), have terrific timing when it comes to the performance and script. They all portray the characters in

a fantastically convincing way, a way that lights up the room and make the audience feel like they are having a personal conversation with each and every one of them. Lucky for us, Pryce is currently

working on a new detective series and, in March 2015, he released the first novel ‘The Case of the Hail Mary Celeste’, so watch this space! For more information, visit www. aberystwyth-mon-amour/.

FOLKUS on Stan Graham STAN GRAHAM will headline

the next Aberystwyth FOLKUS event at the town’s Arts Centre on Wednesday (Oct 12). The musician’s career has spanned

10 years, during which time Stan Graham has released five studio albums. He can be counted among that rare breed of songwriters with an innate ability to capture real emotion. His songs reflect life’s immense variety, with memorable words and melodies. Stan’s reputation has grown rapidly

these last few years, with an increasing number of well-known singers covering his songs. His reputation amongst his peers in the song-writing world has long been established and now, songs like ‘Whitby Harbour’, ‘The Olive and the Vine’, ‘Closing Time’, ‘Sarajevo’ and ‘Fragile’ are taking their place as classics up and down the country. His new album, ‘Fragile’, has been

produced by Angus Lyon of Blazing Fiddles, with superb contributions from some of the UK and Scotland’s leading musicians. The title track has recently featured on the Bob Harris Show and on BBC Introducing. Rock and Reel Magazine rated the

album five stars and said: “Every track is brilliantly crafted; the songs are poignantly deep and enriching.”

at 7.45pm, are just £7.50 or £6 for concessions.

Tickets for the event, which starts

Stan Graham: Playing in Aberystwyth on Wednesday

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