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17 News Council to introduce new speed limits

The first part of the proposed speeds document: Read the rest online at FOLLOWING the completion

of a review of speed limits on county roads, Ceredigion County Council is introducing changes to speed limits at a total of over 80 locations within Ceredigion.

The review made use of current

Welsh Government guidance and criteria used by the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. The changes are intended to improve road safety and reduce the number of casualties on

Community wind share offer to launch THE SECOND tranche of

shares in the Small Wind Co-op is being launched at a drop-in event, which is being held in the Morlan Centre, Queen’s Road, Aberystwyth, SY23 2HH from 6pm to 9pm on Wednesday (Oct 12). This follows a successful

share offer over the summer which raised over £1 million to fund the installation of farm-scale wind turbines at Troed y Bryn, Ceredigion and Inverclyde, Scotland - the first time a community energy project has brought together wind projects in different countries within the UK. For this second tranche, which

aims to raise £500,000, people who live within postcodes which are within 20 miles of the projects will benefit from access to £100,000 of shares set aside for local investment for the first two weeks of the offer period – until November 1. The minimum investment is just £100 and projected average annual returns are 6.5% over 20 years. Jon Halle, Director at Small Wind

roads within the county by ensuring that speed limits are appropriate and make sense to drivers. Speed limits are designed to balance

the needs of all road users and take into consideration the potential for over- restriction to lead to driver frustration and a decrease in road safety. Many of the changes are in line with requests from local communities, and all have been subject to statutory consultation. Councillor Alun Williams,

Co-op, said: “Over 300 people joined us to help raise over £1 million this summer which means we can start to build the first of the two projects and put the grid deposit in on the other. We’re building on that momentum with our second offer and we really want to encourage those living in the vicinity of the turbines to join our supporters from across Wales and the UK.” As well as offering a stable

return for members, supported by the government-guaranteed Feed- in Tariff, the project will generate a community fund of £3,000 a year (index-linked) for 20 years at each site in Scotland and Wales. Sharenergy,

based in

Shrewsbury, has helped set up over 30 community energy projects throughout the UK. It’s easy to join the Small Wind Co-op. Shares can be bought using the application form in the comprehensive Share Offer Document, available to download at the Small Wind Coop website -

Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Assets, Transport and Carbon

Management, said: “I’m very pleased to see these speed limit changes, many of which have been requested by local residents, especially around schools. Evidence conclusively shows that lower speeds reduce accidents and injuries, which is why I asked the department to prioritise this work. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that, in years to come, there will be people alive and in good health who would not have been but for these changes.” The changes are being introduced in two rounds. The first of which is due to

come into force on Wednesday, October 19, and includes the introduction of lower limits covering eight schools, three sections of Class A and B rural roads, and residential areas near central Aberystwyth. The speed limit on one section of Class B rural road will be increased. The full list of proposed speeds

limit changes can be found at: http:// Resident/News/Pages/Watch-your- speed-%E2%80%93-new-limits-are- introduced-in-Ceredigion.aspx

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