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16 News BIG success for printmaker A PIONEERING non-toxic

printing process, invented by a member of staff at Aberystwyth University’s School of Art and now used worldwide, will be showcased in a special exhibition this autumn. Senior technician and tutor

Andrew Baldwin began making etchings in the mid 1980s. Fascinated by the process, he worked extensively within the medium but over time he found the process was having a detrimental effect on his health - a common problem for printmakers using traditional, toxic etching materials. Keen to find a solution, he began

to explore alternative, less harmful materials and eventually this paid off as he produced his own non-toxic etching ground, BIG (Baldwin’s Ink Ground). “Not to be confused with its

more commonly understood cousin of industrial printing, fine art printmaking is steeped in tradition, and therein lies the problem,” explained Andrew. “Safer alternatives over the years

have lost out to tradition, due to several important factors, including the quality of the etch. “My drive to discover safer, less

harmful resources and methods was fuelled by concerns for my own health, the health of my students and wider concerns for the health of the environment. Little did I realise when I developed these safer alternatives that they would lead me to travel the world meeting like-minded artists, passionate about printmaking and environmental issues.” 15 years ago, Andrew introduced

his revolutionary formula to students at Aberystwyth’s School of Art.


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Safwynt Plaid

with Simon Tomas DECENT quality housing

and access to housing for our young people are two key challenges facing this new Welsh Government. Achieving this won’t be made any easier by the decision of the Office for National Statistics to reclassify Welsh Registered Social Landlords. This means housing

associations will been reclassified as Public Non-Financial Corporations and will be considered public sector bodies for the purposes of national accounts. This could add approximately £2.5bn of Welsh housing association borrowing to the debt of the Welsh Government. Such a re-designation will

Andrew Baldwin: Upcoming exhibition

Since then, he’s travelled the world promoting and demonstrating the product to students of art and professional printmakers. His product proved so popular,

it’s now widely used by printmakers as far afield as South Korea, Colombia, Australia and North America and is sold by leading printmaking suppliers both in the UK and USA. Andrew also has a successful

career as a printmaker, contributing to notable exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, London, St David’s Hall,

Cardiff, and Arizona. In 2006, he received the Most Exceptional Artist Award by the Federation of British Artists and in 2007, the Welsh Artist of the Year Award in Printmaking. His upcoming exhibition,

‘Breaking New Ground’, opens on Monday (Oct 10) and runs until November 18 at the Aberystwyth School of Art. It showcases the diverse ways in which he and other etcher-printmakers from all over the world have used the BIG solution (Baldwin’s Ink Ground). Admission is free and all are welcome.

Skincare experts win award A BRYNHOFFNANT Skincare

company, Chuckling Goat, started on the kitchen table of the Jones family’s farmhouse. Recently, the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award 2016 was awarded to the company for their Baby Kefir Lotion, designed for infants with eczema. Shann Jones, co-founder and

director of the company with her husband Richard Jones, said: “We are beyond thrilled to receive this prestigious award for our eczema skincare. I invented Kefir skincare to clear my own son’s eczema, and now we’re pleased to be able to offer our Good Skin Solution to other parents who are looking for answers.” The ‘Good Skin Solution’ is

a natural treatment program that involves drinking the probiotic Kefir, as well as applying it to the skin in the form of Kefir soaps and lotions. The results from this regime are so noteworthy that Shann Jones’ new book ‘The Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for Eczema,

have a severe impact on Welsh Government financial resources and there is scope for the Treasury to interfere in Welsh government borrowing. This flies in the face of the new borrowing powers that the Welsh Government is gaining. The decision opens the door to

Treasury placing borrowing limits on housing associations, as they already do with local authorities. The Assembly passed

legislation to protect the position of further education colleges in a similar situation recently; we need to examine how we can protect the revenue for social housing. I tackled the First Minister in

the Assembly this week about this and in response, he promised to bring forward a change in the law to make sure Housing Associations can continue to borrow to reach the target of 20,000 affordable homes. We don’t want to see

Westminster clawing back control of an area that has been devolved. One area we should have more

control over is energy. In Wales, we could power a new industrial

transformation by the use of renewable energy. It would provide long-term green jobs. I visited the area where I’m

from to see the Pen y Cymoedd wind energy project, which is located in Neath Port Talbot and Rhondda Cynon Taf council areas. My great uncle worked in Tower colliery in the Cynon Valley nearby, but now wind is the energy revolution. We need more control over

how we produce energy so local people get the full benefits of projects. At the moment, we are

hampered by the Westminster Government which is obsessed with nuclear energy, rather than sustainable alternatives. One other way we could

create more jobs is with a National Infrastructure Commission for Wales. Plaid Cymru secured a commitment to establish this body in its agreement with the minority Welsh Government. This is a creative measure that

could transform the economy in all parts of Wales. It could be used to develop projects such as railways, broadband upgrades or building projects such as schools and hospitals. I was pleased to see such support from organisations such as the Institute of Civil Engineers. Infrastructure is an essential

ingredient for a country’s economic and social success; however, infrastructure investment in the UK has often been overly concentrated in London and the south east of England. Someone once said there are more cranes in the City of London than in the rest of the UK. To create jobs for people living in my region, we need more innovative thinking.

Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne’ will be published by Hay House in February 2017. About one in five children in the

UK has atopic eczema. In eight out of ten cases, the conditions develop before a child reaches the age of five. Many children develop eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis, before their first

birthday. All Chuckling Goat skincare

products are made by hand on the farm, in small batches, and are free of any dyes, perfumes, phthalates, parabens or petrochemicals. Kefir skincare can be ordered

direct from the farm from the website

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