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14 News Students sign up for Carmarthen to Aberystwyth line


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Hybu Cig Cymru

Courses aim to share understanding between farmer and processor


Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is offering a new round of courses aimed at helping beef and sheep farmers to meet the requirements of their markets, and achieve the best price for their animals. The Carcase Selection courses,

Supporting the petition: 1.583 students from Aber Uni NEW students at Aberystwyth

University overwhelmingly backed the campaign to reopen the Carmarthen to Aberystwyth railway line.

At the Freshers’ Fair on September

26-27, 1,583 new students signed the petition in support of Traws Link Cymru’s plan to reinstate the railway. Those from South Wales were particularly enthusiastic, with many commenting on how much easier it would be to travel by rail from the

Kelvin Mason Aberystwyth Reporter

Cardiff and Swansea areas direct to Aberystwyth, rather than having to take the train via Shrewsbury. Although they realised that the

railway was unlikely to be built during their own time as undergraduates, they saw the new line as being of enormous benefit to future generations of students

at Aberystwyth University, as well as enhancing the economic well-being and tourist potential of West Wales. Support for the reopening of the

Carmarthen-Aberystwyth railway line continues to grow, with more Assembly members and community groups signing up to the campaign, and the petition calling for the reinstatement of the rail link now has more than 16,000 signatures. Further details can be found on TLC’s website - trawslinkcymru.

Watch your speed - new limits in Ceredigion FOLLOWING the completion

of a review of speed limits on county roads, Ceredigion County Council is introducing changes to speed limits at a total of over 80 locations within Ceredigion. The review made use of current

Welsh Government guidance and criteria used by the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. The changes are intended to improve road safety and reduce the number of casualties on roads within the county, by ensuring that speed limits are appropriate and make sense to drivers. Speed limits are designed to balance the needs of all road users and take into

consideration the potential for over- restriction to lead to driver frustration and a decrease in road safety. Many of the changes are in line with requests from local communities, and all have been subject to statutory consultation. Councillor Alun Williams,

Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Assets, Transport and Carbon Management, said: “I’m very pleased to see these speed limit changes, many of which have been requested by local residents, especially around schools. Evidence conclusively shows that lower speeds reduce accidents and injuries, which is why I asked the department to prioritise this work. It’s probably no

exaggeration to say that, in years to come, there will be people alive and in good health who would not have been but for these changes.” The changes are being introduced

in two rounds. The first of which is due to come into force on Wednesday, October 19, and includes the introduction of lower limits covering eight schools, three sections of Class A and B rural roads, and residential areas near central Aberystwyth. The speed limit on one section of Class B rural road will be increased. Full details may be inspected at the

council offices at Penmorfa, Aberaeron during normal office hours.

delivered by HCC at abattoirs, help producers to gain a unique insight into how livestock finishing and selection affects meat processing. Previous rounds of these popular training courses have been attended by more than 400 red meat producers. “The aim of the courses is to

share understanding between farmers and processors,” explained HCC’s Industry Development Officer Luned Evans. “Being aware of trends in retail preferences can help farmers to select their livestock in the way that best meets the abattoirs’ requirements. Ensuring that these specifications are met is also a sure way for farmers get the highest possible price.” Aaron Hughes, a

student at Gelli Aur who farms with his family near Llangadog in Carmarthenshire, attended one of the HCC Carcase Selection courses earlier this year. Following the course,

Aaron feels he has a greater understanding of how to tailor his lamb- finishing systems to the

Local MP concerned over proposed Post Office layout


of Parliament for Ceredigion, has recently met with Post Office management to express concern over the inadequacies of the layout proposals for the relocated Aberystwyth Post

Office to

WHSmith on Terrace Road. Mark said: “I want to endorse the

concerns expressed by Aberystwyth Town Council. There are legitimate concerns over access at its most basic to a Post Office which would be located at the back of the WHSmith store.

“Ensuring access for those with

wheelchairs, prams, buggies and others could lead to serious congestion under the current layout proposals. Current users will be fully aware of just how busy the store can get, and the

prospects of further queues in the store would be a recipe for chaos. “We all know that there are times

in the Post Office where a queue could be 15 person strong, yet the plans that I have seen only leave scope for a queue of six, and has no space set aside for seating. “I have also reiterated the calls

made by Lib Dem Councillor Ceredig Davies that the full plans for the WHSmith layout should be available for real public scrutiny, not just handed out when asked ‘in a consultation meeting’, or solely presented to the MP or Town Council. “Our cross party campaigning has

displayed the extent of public concern over this issue, and Post Office management must ensure this is fully taken on board.”

requirements of the processors, maximising returns for the whole sector. “Producing animals that do not

meet the desired specifications of the abattoir creates cost for everybody in the supply chain – including the producer,” said Aaron. “Although a lot of things are outside our control, it’s surprising what impact we as producers can have on aspects such as shelf life and eating quality.” Luned Evans added; “The

courses cover live selection and assessment, carcase classification, current abattoir and consumer requirements and animal health and welfare. Courses will run on a number of dates in October and November. Places are limited to eight per session, but anyone who is interested is welcome to get in touch with HCC on 01970 625050.”

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