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Grounds maintenance Our Tenant Inspectors Investigate

Our Grass Cutting surveys tell us that you find the amount of grass cuttings that remain after the grass has been cut unsightly and troublesome.

We’ve been working closely with our contractors to review the grass cutting process and we’ve come up with a solution which would reduce the clumps of grass left behind after the grass is cut without increasing the cost to you.

We are currently trialling a technique called cut and mulch. This reduces grass clumping by finely cutting and re-cutting the grass, meaning the cuttings left are finer and more evenly distributed across the area of grass. This method provides value-for-money and improves the look of the area. Grass will also be healthier as the finer mulched grass can more easily be absorbed back into the ground.

Our Grass Cutting Tenant Inspector group was shown a section of grass done in the “cut and fly” style where the grass cuttings are left behind, alongside a section done in the new “cut and mulch” style where the grass is chopped finer by the machine as it cuts.

Pictured: Grass which has been left, in the usual “cut and fly” style on the left hand side. It highlights the clumps that are left behind with this style of cut. The rest of the picture shows what the grass looks like when it has been cut using the “cut and mulch” machinery.

Pictured: Our Grass Cutting Tenant Inspectors group with the Ground Control Contract manager Colin Moore, and Boston Mayflower’s Property Investment Manager Paul Benton.

We are always looking for customers to get involved to help us shape our services. If you are interested in being involved, please contact our Customer Engagement Team on 0300 365 5000.


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