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In the community

Celebrating Silent Community Champions

We want to help celebrate your silent community champions. In this edition we are celebrating the great work of Judy and Derrick Welbourn.

Nominated by their neighbour who describes the couple as champions

“Two years ago my health began to deteriorate rapidly. After a frightening period of time, I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH). When Judy and Derrick found out, they couldn’t do enough for me. They helped with the housework, shopping, ironing and gardening. You name it, nothing was too much trouble. I’m due to have surgery soon and I know they will continue to provide a helping hand.

Both of them deserve recognition not just for what they do to help me but for others in the neighbourhood who need help. From the bottom of my heart thank you Judy and Derrick.”

If you know a neighbour who goes above and beyond to make your community such a great place to live, please let us know by emailing:, calling us on 0300 356 5000 or talking to your Customer Engagement Officer.

Latest news on the pre-tenancy

financial assessments One of Boston Mayflower’s charitable objectives is to house those in most need. To help us do this, from 20 June 2016 we introduced Pre-tenancy Financial Assessments. This service helps us make sure customers can afford the rent and running costs of their new home.

This will be carried out when someone has been shortlisted for a property.

One of the last things that we want to happen is for someone to lose their home because they cannot afford to live there. Anyone who cannot afford a property at the initial assessment will be able to get assistance and support to help them improve their financial situation and secure a home.

We will also assist and guide any applicant to improve their situation in readiness for future offers. If you have any queries, please call: 0300 365 5000.


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