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Home Safety Blocked Drains

We’ve recently received a high number of phone calls from tenants experiencing blocked drains.

If you experience a blocked drain, this is the responsibility of Anglian Water. You can call their 24-hour emergency number - 03457 145 145.

Anglian Water also have some great hints and tips to prevent bad smells and blockages

In the Kitchen • Used cooking oil, when cool, should be poured into a sealed plastic bottle and taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre for recycling. Check with your local council for details

• Whether they’re leftovers or peelings, food scraps should never go down the sink. They should be recycled or composted at home, taken to a household waste recycling centre or binned, depending on where you live.

In the Bathroom • A bin is the best place for all your unflushable waste, so put one by the toilet, so nobody’s tempted to flush

• Put wipes, cotton wool, floss and cotton buds in the bin

• Use bags or toilet paper to discreetly dispose of sanitary products waste.


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