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5 News Incident was ‘a blip’

  A 23-YEAR-OLD defendant

faced a charge of failing to attend court on Wednesday (Sept 28) in addition to facing a drunk and disorderly offence. Magistrates told the defendant when he arrived at court that, failing to turn up to court ‘is a very serious offence, but you are getting away with this by the skin of your teeth today’. Michael Sonny Green, of an

unknown address, pleaded guilty to both offences, with the court dealing with the drunk and disorderly charge. Prosecutor Kevin Challinor told

the court that at 4.45am on September 9, officers received a call regarding the defendant, who was at the corner of Terrace Road and Cambrian Street in

Aberystwyth. Mr Challinor continued to say that

when the police arrived, they noticed the defendant was unsteady on his feet as he began shouting at them. Warning him to leave the area, the officers decided to keep an eye on Green for the time being. Mr Challinor further added that

after the incident, the officers were notified that the defendant had jumped into a resident’s enclosed garden and that on the following day, the defendant apologised for his behaviour. Duty Solicitor Janem Jones

addressed the court to say that Green had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and that he was shopping in town in Aberystwyth when he

realised he was meant to be in court that morning. Ms Jones added that Green is

willing to take responsibility for his actions and, with regards to the drunk and disorderly offence, he admitted that he must have been very drunk due to not having any recollection of the incidents. Ms Jones concluded by telling

the court that knowing the defendant for some time, his re-offending has decreased in recent years, calling this incident a ‘blip’ in his life. Taking Green’s explanation on

board, magistrates imposed a six month conditional discharge on the defendant, in addition £105 in court costs

Student does not attend No show leads to warrant


failed to attend Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 28) to face an allegation of inflicting grievous bodily harm without

intent. Srinath Devapura, 22, of Penglais

Farm in Aberystwyth, is alleged to have committed the offence on March 17 at

Aberystwyth. Magistrates made the decision to re-

issue personal service of documentation to the defendant.


failed to attend Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 28). John Wallis, 33, of St Melons in Cardiff, was due to face ancharge

of driving whilst above the legal alcohol limit on September 6 on Great Darkgate Street in Aberystwyth. On the day in question, Wallis is alleged to have driven his Peugeot

vehicle while having 84mg of alcohol in 100ml of his breath, which exceeded the prescribed limit of 35mg. Magistrates issued a warrant without bail.

Drugs accused absent without bail A 36-YEAR-OLD defendant

failed to appear before court to face two drug offences and an offence of use of electricity without authority. Paul Michael Thomas Withnall,

36, of Ponterwyd in Aberystwyth, was due to answer a charge of producing

cannabis between September 1, 2015 and April 1, 2016 at Ponterwyd. Withnall was also due to face

another offence of possessing 1059.2g of cannabis between September 1, 2015 and April 1, 2016 at Ponterwyd, with the intent to supply.

The third offence is alleged to have

taken place between September 1, 2015 and April 1, 2016 at Ponterwyd, where he dishonestly used a quantity of electricity of an unknown value. Magistrates issued a warrant

without bail.

 

  

 

   

   

  


 

 

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