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why they are opposed to everything: it makes for fascinating theatre. Whether the theatre on offer is that of the absurd or Grand Guignol, but it is captivating. As Cadno understands the

present position, the former leader of UKIP in Wales was Nathan Gill. Mr Gill was either expelled from the party over the summer months or not. The position is unclear, with news headlines suggesting he was not expelled while UKIP’s new leader in Wales says he was. Whatever the position, UKIP’s

leader in Wales is not elected to their position, they are appointed by the Generalissimo of the whole party, formerly Nigel Farage and now some bod called Diane James.

This last week, Diane James found a map which showed her where Cardiff was and popped along there to anoint Neil Hamilton with the holy oil of leadership. Doves were released from

the grounds of Cardiff Castle to celebrate the glad occasion, and it occurred to Draenog that it was possibly only in UKIP that a position could exist where the national leader of the party was not only not a member of the party (maybe, maybe not), but did not command the support of the majority of his fellow representatives. A bizarre situation that could

only exist in lunatic fringe parties like UKIP – and Labour. So far, UKIP has had nothing of

note to say on Welsh domestic policy that has not involved them jumping up and down in turn to blame the EU. NHS – blame the EU; education – blame the EU; infrastructure – blame the EU; in fact, for almost anything – blame the EU. It’s all frightfully macro, readers;

many issues in Wales boil down to local tribalism and the fine tradition of endemic graft in the system at a local level. At least having on board former members of Parliament and an MEP, UKIP will be familiar with those concepts, but not in a Welsh context. But as their leader is a commuter

to Wales, not only are UKIP - as one AM put it - ‘allergic to facts’, they seem allergic to Wales.

its third week of the Ten Grand Giveaway competition, and excitement has been growing within the studio and West Wales to see who will be the winner of the grand prize of £10,000! There will be a chance at the end

of the 10 weeks to catch up if you missed any of last week’s questions, so don’t worry if you forgot to listen in – tune in today and catch the all important giveaway question! And don’t worry if you want to join in but haven’t got yourself a grid – get in touch with us at studio@heraldradio. com and we’ll help you out! This week, we’ve been

concentrating on our news stories, making sure we’re bringing the people of West Wales the most informative and up to date news stories on the hour, every hour. Herald Radio was keeping a

close eye on the weather this week too, especially after West Wales was issued a yellow weather warning by The Met Office! West Wales saw a huge downpour of rain at the start of the week, which caused tricky road conditions. This made it the perfect time

for you to sit down and relax whilst listening to one of our presenters! On Friday (Sept 30), Herald

Radio will be out and about in Pembrokeshire. We’ll be interviewing a new community- owned bakery near St Davids,

building a radically different model to how people look at wheat production, milling and baking. They have a crowdfunding page

in place to help fund a new bakery, and Herald Radio will be there to help project their voice to people who could potentially help the cause. Not only have we got some

exciting interviews coming up, DJ James Bruce has added a whole load more songs - new and old - onto the database, therefore keeping our promise of bringing you the best variety of hit music. You can keep up to date by

tuning into Herald Radio at www. or following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also listen to Herald

Radio by going to www.streema. com or by using the Tune In app, which you can download on your phone. It’s compatible with Android and iPhone, and it’s a perfect way of listening to the only radio station that covers Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion when you’re on the go - and even better if you’re trying to listen out for the Ten Grand Giveaway question! And don’t forget, you can get in

touch with any new stories you may have, or even if you just want a shout out while James or Danny is on air, by contacting us through our social media pages, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or getting in touch via email!

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yellow weather warning this week

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