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Weekendweather summary A PIPE fitter pleaded guilty at

Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 28) for use of threatening behaviour. Mark Lewis, 42, of Saundersfoot

in Pembrokeshire, pleaded guilty to the offence which occurred on August 28.

Prosecutor Kevin Challinor told

the court that at 2am on the day in question, the complainant received text messages from the defendant

along with him attending at his property unannounced. Mr Challinor added that two

hours later, the complainant heard a noise outside and saw the defendant, who was clearly intoxicated. Officers then attended the scene where the complainant clearly displayed signs of distress. Mr Challinor concluded by telling

the court that the defendant faced a similar offence in 2014, for which he


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‘Apologetic’ defendant fined

received a conditional discharge. Defending, Alun Lewis told the

court that the defendant went out for drinks that evening in order to celebrate his new employment and is very apologetic for his behaviour. Mr Lewis further added that the

defendant accepts that he shouted at the scene and is ashamed of his behaviour from the incident. Lewis will pay a £135 fine and

£115 in court costs. Bench running out of options MAGISTRATES told a timber max/min (Day)

frame worker at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 28) that they ‘will be left with no options’ if he keeps coming back to court for breaching his community order. Oliver Charles Evans, 23, of

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New Quay in Llandysul, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the requirements for his community order issued by Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on May 26 for a common assault offence.

Evans failed to attend probation

on July 10 for unpaid work and failed to attend an engagement panel. Evans also failed to provide acceptable evidence for his absences within five working days as requested. Probation officer Julian Davies

told the court that Evans only gave his employment commitments as a reason for not turning up to his probation appointments, but failed to provide evidence for the reason he gave. Mr Davies added that Evans has 84 hours of his unpaid work

requirements yet to complete. Duty Solicitor Janem Jones told

the court that Evans fully accepts not giving evidence and is fully committed to completing his unpaid hours of work. Ms Jones further added that Evans

has come a long way since beginning the community order, and apologised to the court on his behalf. Magistrates imposed an additional

20 hours of unpaid work onto Evans’ current community order in addition to £85 in court costs.

Reckless accused banned from bar A CEREDIGION man appeared

before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 28) to face an offence of being drunk and disorderly in a public place and an offence of assault by beating. Rowan Lloyd, 24, of Aberystwyth,

pleaded guilty to both offences, which occurred on August 27 on Pier Street in Aberystwyth. Prosecutor Kevin Challinor told the

court that police received a call from the complainant at the Why Not bar regarding the defendant. On arriving at the scene, the

officers saw the members of staff in disagreement with the defendant as he swayed his arms. Mr Challinor added that the

complainant told the officers that, when approached the defendant, he caught her on the side of her nose. She then directed him to the exit and he became more aggressive. The officers also learned that when

the complainant tried to escort the defendant out of the bar, there was a struggle and the complainant fell onto her side on the floor. Mr Challinor further added that the

police saw the defendant being escorted from the building as he acted very aggressively towards the members of staff.

One of the officers attempted to calm

the defendant down but when a person from the queue outside the bar laughed at him, the defendant broke free from the officer and charged towards the person, knocking the food out of their hands. Mr Challinor concluded by telling

the court that the officer took hold of the defendant once again and there was no

visible injury on the complainant. Duty Solicitor Janem Jones

addressed the court to say that credit should be given to Lloyd for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity. Ms Jones added went on to say that

on the night in question, the defendant had gone out drinking with a friend and does not go out often. Inside the bar, the defendant proceeded to bang a table and was told to stop by a member of staff. The constant banging became out

of hand and the complainant continued to tell the defendant to stop, leaving the defendant distressed with the lack of

space between him and the complainant. Ms Jones told the court that the

common assault was reckless, but not deliberate. The defendant also admitted that he drank more than what he should have and fully understands what happened that night, despite feeling distressed about appearing before court. Magistrates imposed £235 of fines,

compensation and court costs on Lloyd for the assault offence. For the drunk and disorderly offence, Magistrates imposed no separate penalty, but ordered the complainant to not enter the ‘Why Not’ bar for a period of one year.

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