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5 News Abusive drunk fined AFTER abusing officers while

drunk, a 20-year-old man appeared before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 14) to face a drunk and disorderly offence in a public place. Macally Evans, of Cilgerran in

north Pembrokeshire, pleaded guilty to the offence which occurred on August 7 in Cardigan. Prosecuting, Helen Tench told the

court that at 9am on the day in question, officers were on patrol and saw the

defendant, who was carrying a half empty bottle of wine. Seeing Evans’ eyes glazed and noticing his speech slurred, officers told the defendant that he was in a no alcohol zone. Evans refused to hand the bottle

over to the officers when asked and, after a verbal warning, Evans continue to shout abuse at the officers. Ms Tench further added that the

defendant leaned on the door of the police car and would not allow the officer to leave the vehicle.

A FORMER Lewis Coaches

driver appeared before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 14) to face a charge of failing to provide specimen for analysis. Michael Charles Parker, 44, of Bro

Fallen in Lampeter, pleaded guilty to the offence, which took place on August 13 at Llanon. Prosecutor Helen Tench told the

court that just before 3am on the day in question, officers noticed the defendant’s vehicle parked close to the double yellow lines. When the officers approached the

vehicle, they found a male and female in the car, while another male walked away from the scene. The officers asked the female who was driving and she told them it was

the defendant. While speaking to the defendant, the officers smelled a strong scent of alcohol coming from the defendant as he showed signs of being unsteady on his feet and having slurred speech. Ms Tench added that the defendant

refused to cooperate with officers when they conducted a roadside test and they subsequently arrested him. At Cardigan Police Station, officers

attempted to carry out a breathalyser test five times and each time, Parker refused to blow which disrupted the procedure. At one point, an officer instructed

Parker on how to perform the test but it was aborted due to the defendant refusing to blow naturally. This was seen to be a deliberate failure and refusal to cooperate.

After refusing to leave the area

when he was asked again, and again refused, Evans was arrested. Defending himself at court, Evans

apologised for his actions but made no further comment. He also told the court that he accepted the facts that the prosecutor put forward. Magistrates imposed a financial

penalty on Evans. This included a Band B fine reduced from £120 to £80 for his early guilty plea and £110 in court costs.

17 month ban for former coach driver

Ms Tench further stated that Parker was not interviewed on the matter. Defending, Janem Jones stated that

Parker gave an early guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and credit should be given for that. Ms Jones added that when he was

asked on the side of the road to be tested, the defendant answered in an impolite way to the officers that he had not been driving. The court also heard that Parker had been driving since the age of 19, and that the recent news regarding his former employer’s closure clearly shows in his personal circumstances. Taking this into account,

Magistrates imposed a 17 month driving disqualification on Parker and ordered him to pay a total of £235 in fines and court costs.

IronMan challenge looms for Uni Chief

Ironman contender: Running up Aberystwyth‘s Constitution Hill

In the gym: Professor John Gratton A B E R Y S T W Y T H

UNIVERSITY’S Acting Vice- Chancellor is in final preparation for one of the biggest physical challenges of his life. On Sunday (Sept 18), Professor John

Grattan will join around two thousand athletes in the annual IronMan Wales event in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. His mission will be to complete a

2.4-mile sea swim, a 112-mile cycle ride and a full marathon in less than 17 hours. It’s a daunting prospect for anyone

but the 56-year-old academic says his motivation stems from his fund-raising cause. Professor Grattan is raising money

for student hardship and student welfare as part of the Aber Fund, which allows the university to offer financial support to students who find themselves in serious financial crisis through no fault of their own.

Usually it’s the generosity of

Aberystwyth’s Alumni that makes the fund possible but, this year, the Acting Vice Chancellor has made it his mission to contribute and raise awareness. Student hardship and student

welfare are close to his heart because of his own personal experience growing up. He couldn’t go to university when he was 18-years-old because he needed to stay home and help support his parents and siblings. “When I eventually reached

university at the age of 26, it changed my life, giving me a new and broader outlook. I want to try and ensure that others have the same opportunities to reach their potential,” said Professor Grattan. “It’s all about the student experience and that’s at the heart of everything we do here at Aberystwyth University.” Keeping fit has long been important

to Professor Grattan but in preparation for IronMan Wales, he embarked on a rigorous training schedule and has been working closely with staff at the University’s Sports Centre and Sport Scientists from the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS). “When I started training hard at the

beginning of the year, September 18 seemed a long way off but it’s now only a matter of days and I hope I’ve done enough,” said Professor Grattan. “I’ve certainly lost some weight

during the past few months, I’m in much better shape than I was and I’ve discovered muscles I never knew I had. Whatever happens Sunday, I’m determined to carry on keeping fit. We’re lucky in Aberystwyth to have such fabulous scenery when it comes to cycling and running. I’ve also become a big fan of swimming in the beautiful waters of Cardigan Bay - weather permitting of course.” Olympic gold medallist Ed Clancy

is among those who’ve wished Professor Grattan well after visiting the Aber Cycle Fest earlier this year.

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