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HERALD RADIO is now in

the second week of the ‘Ten Grand Giveaway’ competition. The competition started last

that exemption for disclosure. The information requested was not stated to be commercially sensitive within the 20 days provided for by the Freedom of Information Act. Time runs for 20 working days from the original request being made. The original request was made on

June 6. The council did not claim

exemption by reason of commercial confidentiality until August 5. That’s a lot longer than the twenty

days for which the act provides. Additionally, it only made that claim and responded after the person making the request had made a formal complaint about the council’s failure to respond in time at all. So, readers, here’s a good question

for you: How long do you think it will be before the council provides the

information it is now obliged by statute to provide? It cannot hide behind the law as it

relates to commercial confidence. That very large ship sailed away 20 working days after June 6. Staff absence is not an excuse; holidays, likewise. The law provides a fixed date for the council to claim an exemption from disclosure. That date, in these circumstances, was – at the latest – July 5. You cannot claim ‘delay’ and then claim commercial confidence, the duty is absolute upon the person responsible for controlling the information to assess it and provided a reasoned response explaining why and what is commercially sensitive.

And if they are not there, someone

else must. These are statutory duties imposed on statutory authorities. Not a pick and mix job lot of random law. So, readers, it is time for the

council to ’fess up and tell us all what it spent crowding £2m of Council Tax payers’ money on. Bleating on about how times is

tough for poor ole local government ain’t enough. The Council handed £2m of scarce resources to advise it how to manage the services it provides on our behalf and is now obliged to tell us just what it had PWC look at. And consider this, readers, what

would be so sensitive that the Council would not allow scrutiny?

Cuts. Reductions. Redundancies. It is all very well have a lean and

mean management structure – Draenog accepts that there are circumstances when local authorities have to call in outside help, often to provide a fresh pair of eyes on an issue. That’s fine, readers. But for two million quid – that’s an awful lot of reward for not a lot of risk.

Friday (Sept 9) with the first lot of questions for you to be in with the chance of winning £10,000 in cash. The new set of questions will be asked starting this Friday (Sept 16), and you’ll be able to hear the question - which will be repeated every hour - by going to our website and listening in to Herald Radio. On September 5, Herald Radio

reporter Tamsin Mathias attended The Kimberley in Milford Haven, and The Pater Hall in Pembroke Dock, to talk to all of the talented locals auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. We had the opportunity to watch the entrants in their auditions at Milford Haven, and the locals waiting to audition in Pembroke Dock were more than happy to show off their talents. From singing to beatboxing, it

really showed how much talent we have in West Wales! Then, on Thursday, September

8, we interviewed the next- door-neighbour of two-year-old Eliza Donnelly from Newport in Pembrokeshire, who is currently suffering from a severe infant cancer called Neuroblastoma. We got to hear about how Eliza’s

treatment is going and all about the generosity of the public. Eliza needs £60,000 for life-saving treatment, and next-door-neighbour, Amy Turner, explained what the public need to do. You can find out more about this story on Herald Radio’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. So, what about the shows on the

radio, I hear you ask? Well, every weekday we’re joined by DJ Danny

Slade. Danny brings you all the latest tunes between 10am and 1pm, with James Bruce joining you at 1pm until 3pm.

We’ve added a few more songs

to our database this week, and we’re excited to be able to bring you a wider range of music, so you’re not bombarded with the same old songs all the time! The 80s hour and 90s hour has

been a hit with everyone this week, with people tuning in especially to hear artists like Natalie Imbruglia, Bobby Brown and Richard Marx! The 80s hour is on daily between 1pm and 2pm, and the 90s hour is on daily straight afterwards, from 2pm until 3pm, so don’t worry if you haven’t been able to tune in yet, or think you’ve missed your favourite tracks from the 90s, because you’ll be able to hear them every day! We also have a special treat

for fans of dance music on Friday nights. Every week, Danny Slade brings you the best of his own dance mixes with his show ‘In The Mix’, as well as tunes from guests. Last week, Danny’s guest was Afterworld Sessions, with DJs Zirenz, Men-D, Dream State and Bluespark, Toshi Furuya and Ben Alonzi! Tune in on Friday to hear Danny’s

show, In The Mix, between 8pm and midnight! Herald Radio is also now on the

Tune In app, which you can download from the app store. It’s a great way of listening to the radio station when you’re on the go, and even better if you’re trying to listen out for the Ten Grand Giveaway question! Tune in this week to make sure

you catch it, to be in with a chance of winning.

Herald Radio: Tune in from 10am until 1pm to hear Danny Slade playing all the latest hits


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