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Cardigan Castle volunteers polish up their Welsh

Outside Tŷ Cadwgan at the end of their course: Students, tutors and Mayor Davies

WG wants us to be ‘Bee Friendly’

Welsh students, tutors and Mayor Clive Davies: In the new teaching rooms at Tŷ Cadwgan. The students were given a preview

A GROUP of Cardigan Castle

volunteers have had an early start this term with a tailor-made class of Welsh classes for adults to help them increase their skills in Welsh for work within the castle. Tutor Richard Vale arranged a

special lesson for their final day and five local Welsh speakers came into class to help the volunteers with their work.

Clive Davies, Cardigan Mayor

and Castle Trustee, also made a guest appearance and congratulated them on their hard work.

of the new classrooms in Tŷ Cadwgan, one of the Castle buildings, to the left of the Brioude Garden, above the ‘Wishbone’ shop. The classroom has been specially adapted for teaching and interactive white boards and internet access has been installed. Most of the regular Welsh classes

in Cardigan will be held at the new classroom when term starts, with others in St Mary’s Old School and in the Guildhall. Classes are available for all levels, from complete beginners to those

wanting to touch up on their spoken or written Welsh skills. Both evening and day classes are available and can be fast-paced ( four hours a week) or more leisurely (two hours a week). For information and advice on all

classes in Cardigan and throughout the area, an information stall will be in Aldi next Friday (Sept 23) and Saturday (Sept 24) and in Tesco towards the end of the month. Philippa Gibson is also available for direct contact on 01239 654561 or

Pollinators need help: WG supports new initiative THE WELSH GOVERNMENT,

working with Friends of the Earth Cymru, has launched what its claims is a ‘world first’ scheme to encourage citizens to organise to hep pollinating insects. The ‘Bee Friendly’ scheme

was launched this week at a Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference, held at Bangor University. Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, who launched the scheme, said the aim is to create a network of Pollinator-Friendly communities and organisations to help turn around declines in the number of bees and other pollinating insects, a grave problem across the northern hemisphere.

Communities and community

organisations, schools, public bodies, Town and Community Councils, businesses, universities and colleges, places of worship and many other organisations, all around Wales are being encouraged to join the Bee Friendly scheme. The Four Goals of which are: Food – providing pollinator- friendly food sources. Five Star accommodation –

providing places for insect pollinators to live.

Freedom from pesticides and herbicides – committing to avoid

chemicals that harm pollinators. Fun – involving all the community

and telling people why you are helping pollinators.

Commenting at the launch, Lesley

Griffiths said: “I am pleased to offer my support to the launch of ‘Bee- Friendly’. While the focus of the campaign is very much on encouraging people to get involved in an enjoyable way there is a serious message too. Pollinators are in decline and this risks our capacity to produce food, timber and fibre. “By participating in the four

Bee Friendly themes we can protect pollinators and deliver multiple economic, social and environmental benefits for local communities.” Friends of the Earth spokesperson

Bleddyn Lake added: “Once again Wales is leading the way in environmental initiatives. We know that bees and other pollinators are in trouble due to factors such as habitat loss, pesticide use and climate change. “The good news is that we can

all help. The launch today of the Welsh Action Plan for Pollinators Taskforce’s Bee Friendly initiative is a fantastic step forward and something we can all get involved in whether it is in our schools, in our communities, places where we work or worship, anywhere!”

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