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Ceredigion School pupils asked to illustrate the Story of Milk

21 Community

Strengthened safeguarding policy for Church in Wales A NEW strategy is being

introduced to make sure churches are safe for everyone who attends. A team of safeguarding

professionals have been recruited by The Church in Wales to work with its churches while they strengthen their safeguarding policy. Head of Safeguarding, Elaine

HOW would you illustrate the

story of milk from the farm to the fridge? That is what organisers of the

Welsh Dairy Show are asking South West Wales school pupils to do ahead of this year’s event in October. The Welsh Dairy Show, held

annually on the United Counties Showground, Nantyci, has teamed up with Mole Valley Farmers Feed Solutions to offer school pupils from Ceredigion the opportunity to win £75 for their school, a trip for the winning pupil’s class to have a tour of a local milk processing factory and tickets for the winner’s family to visit the Welsh Dairy Show on Tuesday, October 25. Students of all ages are being

asked to draw a colourful picture on A4, which illustrates the story of milk – from farm to fridge. The deadline for entries to be sent to the Welsh Dairy Show office is Monday, September 26. Barrie Evans from Mole Valley

Farmers said: “The south west is well known as one of Wales’ main dairy farming areas. Those involved

with the industry are only too aware of how difficult it has been for local dairy farmers recently due to volatile markets. We’re launching this competition to help engage the younger generation with the story of milk so they understand the role milk plays, not just from a nutritional perspective but also in relation to our rural economy and our local landscape and culture.” Mair James, Organiser of the

Welsh Dairy Show, said: “This is just the start of us getting more involved with the younger generation to help raise the profile of milk and dairy products. You don’t have to enter the competition through your school. Anyone can draw a A4 picture and send it to me at the Welsh Dairy Show office on the United Counties Showground, Nantyci. The deadline for entries is Monday, September 26, so don’t delay – enter today!” Mole Valley Farmers are

sponsoring the school’s £75 prize in both Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion, whilst Elanco are sponsoring the £75 prize in Carmarthenshire.

Cloke, is leading the team, which comprises of part-time Provincial Safeguarding Support Officers who are based in each of the Church’s six dioceses. Also part of the team are two part-time Provincial Safeguarding Officers (one for South Wales, one for North Wales) who deal with all safeguarding allegations and concerns. Equipped with essential experience

in protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults, the officers come from a range of backgrounds, including the social services, police and health. The Church’s strengthened

safeguarding policy was launched on Wednesday (Sept 14) and is the reason for the recruitment of the safeguarding team, along with the Church’s commitment to being a ‘safe church’. Barry Morgan, The Archbishop of

Wales, said: “We want to make sure the Church in Wales is a safe place for our children to grow up in and to be nourished in the Christian faith. Caring for them and for all vulnerable people is of paramount importance to us – whether they come to us through worship, Sunday schools, choirs or clubs. “This is why we are investing in a

robust safeguarding team with officers covering every part of Wales. They will offer help, support and advice to our churches, ensuring our safeguarding policies are properly implemented and that we are doing all we possibly can to keep people safe from abuse.” The office of Sally Holland,

Children’s Commissioner for Wales, has advised the Church on its safeguarding policy for several years. Prof Holland, who welcomes the new policy, said: “Any organisation

(L-R): Linda Neal, Peter Doyle, Liz Tibbatts, Jim Thompson, Becks Davie- Tettmar, Archbishop Barry, Simon Lloyd, Wendy Lemon, Lynn Rees, Fay Howe, Debbie Fisher, Joy Kett and Elaine Cloke.

working with children and young people has a responsibility to provide a robust and effective child protection system. I am very encouraged by the steps taken by the Church in Wales to avoid placing their corporate reputation ahead of children’s best interests and are instead promoting a culture where children’s dignity is respected. “I hope their Wales-wide

safeguarding team will give genuine effect to the commitments articulated in this new policy. As Children’s Commissioner tasked with promoting and protecting children’s rights and welfare in Wales, I’ll be keeping a watching brief on its implementation and encouraging other faith groups across the country to follow suit.” The Church’s safeguarding policy

is focused on the promotion safer practices in all areas of Church life, including taking films and photographs, hiring out buildings, using transport, and online activity. The policy applies to all church attendees, both laity and clergy, as well as those attending activities led by the church, regardless of whether they are held on the church premises or not. It includes a step-by- step guide to responding to allegations

and concerns, and establishes clear guidelines for parishes regarding how to be a safe church. The policy is available to view

on the Church in Wales website at representative-body/hr/safeguarding. This new policy is not the first

time the Church in Wales has shown an interest in safeguarding. Published in 2011, an independent review into historic cases of child abuse was commissioned by the Church in Wales. No criminal proceedings were

taken against any cleric following the publication of the report; however, a number of recommendations for improving the Church’s safeguarding policy were made by the report, and these are addressed in the new, strengthened policy. Since the publication of the report in 2011, the Archbishop of Wales and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales have met annually. For anything regarding support

and advice about safeguarding within the parishes, the new support officers will be the first point of contact. Their details can be found on the Church in Wales website.

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