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Weekendweather summary A 70-YEAR-OLD woman with

a hitherto unblemished record appeared before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 14) to answer an offence of driving with excess alcohol. Jill Young, of Talsarn in Ceredigion,

pleaded guilty to the charge, which related to an incident which occurred on July 7 on the B4337 road from Talsarn to Tychrug. Prosecuting, Helen Tench told the

court that at approximately 4.30am on the day in question, officers stopped the defendant’s Citroen C3 vehicle after noticing the extensive damage to the wing mirror lights and the bumper hanging off of the car. Ms Tench further explained that when talking to the defendant, officers

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noticed that Young had slurred speech and appeared to be unsteady on her feet. Admitting that she had consumed

alcohol en route to the station and adding that she was staying at a chalet with family, Young was escorted to the police station, where she provided a sample of urine which showed 256mg of alcohol in 100ml of urine, significantly exceeding the prescribed limit.

Ms Tench concluded that when

interviewed, Young said that she hit a hedge and consumed a bottle of wine prior to the incident. Defending, Janem Jones addressed

the court by saying that Young appears before the court with absolute clean character and is ashamed of her behaviour.


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Care for cats led to crash Ms Jones stated that on the previous

night, Young and her family were staying in a chalet in the Talsarn area for a celebration. After always having a policy of not

drinking while driving, Young woke up very early on the morning in question and realised that she had not fed her cats at home. While driving, Young dozed off at

the wheel which caused her to crash her vehicle. Ms Jones concluded that Young

knows that it was a moment of madness at 4am. Magistrates gave credit to Young

for her early guilty plea, and imposed a 20 month driving disqualification along with a financial penalty of £335 in fines and court costs.

Defendant lied about drugs overdose

intimidating manner. Ms Tench added that at

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ThePembrokeshireHeraldinnumbers A DEFENCE solicitor

suggested to magistrates that, as his client was well-known to local police in Machynlleth, it was a surprise that he had not been found sooner, considering he jumped from a house and was found sleeping half a mile away from the complainant’s address. Robert Sam Jones, 26, of an

unknown address, pleaded guilty to a threatening behaviour offence which occurred on August 27 at Machynlleth, a criminal damage offence which occurred on August 28 at Machynlleth and an offence relating to the sending of messages through electronic communication which also took place on August 28 at Machynlleth. Prosecutor Helen Tench told

the court that at 9.30am on August 27, officers received a report of a disturbance at a golf club and saw the defendant returning to his address and walking his dog. While the officers followed

him, Jones verbally threatened them and swung his dog lead in an

11.30pm, the complainant made a statement saying that his son sent him a message that afternoon asking for a key to his house. When the complainant returned to the property, he found the broken window and the blind inside, which was also broken. Ms Tench then said that the

defendant had jumped from the first floor of the property and ran off. Officers came across various

social media posts from the defendant after he ran from the property stating how many tablets he took and that he possessed a knife. With concerns rising for the defendant, a total of 69 officers, a police dog handling unit and helicopters searched the area. Ms Tench explained that at

3.30am on August 29, the defendant was arrested and taken to Bronglais Hospital where he was treated for a fractured heel. Despite his claims, the hospital

staff confirmed the amount of tablets the defendant took was nowhere near what he had claimed. When taken into custody, Jones

refused to answer the questions put to him by the police. In a statement, the complainant

said that he is nervous to return home and that the constant bullying has affected him.

Defending, Alison Mathias

told the court that the defendant appeared before the court on Aug 30 with a guilty plea, but a pre- sentence report was requested. Ms Mathias continued by saying

that the defendant had drinks throughout the day in question, and had an argument with a male at the golf club. As a result of the other male not accepting the defendant’s apology, the situation was further aggravated. Jones was escorted off the

property by the police and was taken home, but returned to the area to offend. Ms Mathias continued to say

that on August 29, Jones turned up drunk to the complainant’s property and thought he had lost his keys as a result of being locked out and was unaware that he did not have keys to the property to begin with. For the fourth offence relating to sending an electronic message, Ms Mathias said the defendant was in an agitated state. Magistrates imposed an 18

month community order on Jones, which includes the requirement of 50 rehabilitation activity days for the criminal damage offence. For the other offences, Jones

was ordered to pay a total of £285 in fines and court costs, to be consolidated with his outstanding debts.

Two year ban for insurance offences

Continued from front strip Addressing the remaining

offences that took place on July 6, 2015, in Aberystwyth, Prosecutor Helen Tench told the court that a police officer was conducting speed checks on Primrose Hill in Aberystwyth on July 6, 2015 and saw the defendant’s Ford Mondeo vehicle drive at a speed of 46mph in a 30mph zone. The officer caught up with the Hamza’s car and, as the officer wrote

a report, Hamza admitted that he had no insurance at that time. Ms Tench further stated that the

vehicle was seized and when Hamza showed signs of drug use, the officer conducted a drug test which showed that he had 4.7ugs of cannabis in his blood, which exceeded the prescribed limit. Ms Tench concluded by telling

the court that the defendant was not interviewed at that time. Representing himself


Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court, Hamza apologised for his behaviour. Magistrates considered the six

offences to which Hamza pleaded guilty, and imposed a financial penalty for all offences totalling £720 in fines and court costs. Due to being disqualified from

driving twice before, magistrates also imposed a total of two years driving disqualification for the driving without insurance offences and the drug offence.

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