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CEREDIGION BOTTLES IT!? Ceredigion County Council (CCC)

is reviewing the way it collects waste and recycling from the kerbside, with one of the options considered being a kerbside collection of glass. To assess the feasibility, CCC have announced a glass collection trial in the Cardigan

area. The trial will be carried out on the Penparc and North Cardigan route where waste is collected on Fridays. This particular collection route has been chosen as a monitoring area because it is quite representative of the situation across Ceredigion. To ensure the trail is as cost effective as possible, CCC is working with colleagues in Pembrokeshire County

Council (PCC). The collection vehicle and driver will be provided by PCC, while most of the crew working on the vehicle will be CCC staff. Because it is located near the border with Pembrokeshire, CCC judge that it is an ideal area to trial the service and to collaborate with their neighbouring authority. The trial will be conducted for an initial period of six months. One Cardigan


commented: “It is an excellent idea, I genuinely hope it’s a success and I look forward to having empty shelves where my old glass is collecting dust whilst I keep forgetting to take it to the recycling bank!” Councillor Alun Williams said:

“We are looking forward to trialling a regular kerbside collection of glass in the nothern Cardigan area. If the trial is successful, as I very much hope it will be, we can then consider expanding this service across the whole county. “Glass is a material that is a

100% recyclable and yet our data suggest that it is one of the recyclable materials most commonly still put in black residual waste bags. “There is clearly an opportunity

to improve our recycling performance further, by making it easier for households to recycle their bottles. I’m optimistic that residents and the council can work together to achieve this.” Although the council’s data

suggests that the public are generally very satisfied with its waste collection regime, one improvement they say they would like to see is indeed a kerbside glass collection for recycling. The Herald is tempted to say that this, then, looks like a smashing idea.

REUSE AND REDUCE Clearly, the public has a major

role to play in any successful programme of waste management and recycling. The everyday problems the CCC experiences are with residents putting waste out on the wrong day and putting material in the wrong container. Contamination results in higher costs, of course. Reducing costs means that people have to actively participate in collection services and take responsibility. For example, it costs the CCC four

times as much to deal with recyclables that are put in the black bag than if they were correctly put in the clear bag. So, if the county is going to continue as a table-topper and reduce our impact on an extremely stressed environment still further, CCC needs everyone to do their bit: sort waste into the right container and put the container out for collection as requested. Not much to ask perhaps, but crucial. That said, contamination of the

recyclate is not a major problem in Ceredigion and the vast majority of residents are obviously comfortable with using the system. If a recycling bag is left out that obviously contains a large proportion of non-recyclable waste or something that would contaminate the rest of the bag, then it will be left at the address with an orange tag that identifies the problem for the resident. Contamination includes items

such as glass, food, textiles, electrical items, garden waste and nappies. These items should not be put in the clear recycling bag. However, if the inappropriate

waste is minor and would not contaminate the rest, then it may still

be taken away and will be removed during the sorting process. For example, residents sometimes get confused about plastic packaging and will put crisp packets in the recycling bags. These are not recyclable but the collection crew will still pick them up. CCC urges residents to be careful about what they put in the recycling bag as it can cause problems at the sorting facility and this incurs a cost to the council, which is, of course, ultimately a cost to Council Tax payers, the residents ourselves. If in doubt, residents should look at the information provided on the website or contact the council. In a sense, recycling is already a

failure. For the sake of the environment and, arguably for our own well-being, it is better to first reduce waste and then, if that is not possible, to reuse things. CCC encourages reducing waste in a number of ways, encouraging the re- use of washable nappies by providing free trial samples, promoting home composting, and supporting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. With respect to reuse, CCC

supports two not-for-profit projects that refurbish and re-use unwanted furniture and household items - Craft in Aberystwyth and New Life in Cardigan. Once again, it is the public who can do most to reduce the need for waste and recycling services and hence the council’s costs. By consuming less, throwing out less and being aware of the potential for reuse, we can all ‘do our bit’. If you have any queries or

questions about the trial, please contact Ceredigion County Council by phone on 01545 572572 or by email uk.

Alun Williams: Recycling glass Arrest warrant issued A DRIVING offender failed to

attend his hearing at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 14). Luke Sherbon, 30, of Penparcau

in Aberystwyth, was due to face an offence of driving while above the alcohol limit. Magistrates issued a warrant

without bail.

Paperwork error leads to adjournment A DEFENDANT gave no

indication of a plea due to incorrect paperwork at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 14). Samuel Morgan Nugent, 24,

of North Parade in Aberystwyth, appeared at court to face an alleged assault by beating offence which occurred on July 30 at Lampeter.

Magistrates imposed Defence Solicitor Iestyn Davies

told the court that the hearing could not proceed due to a defect in the paperwork.


adjournment until October 20 at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court for evidence to be presented. Nugent has had his unconditional bail extended until then.

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