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8 News Tief ’s ‘foolish act’ Prosecutor Rhian Jones told the

court that police were contacted by the complainant on the day in question in order to report a theft. The complainant told the police

that he saw a vehicle from his upstairs window as it was going through the gate of a field. Deciding to approach the vehicle,


maximum credit for a defendant’s early guilty plea for an attempted theft offence on Wednesday (Sept 7) at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court. Gareth Hywel Davies, 27, of

Gwel y Dyffryn in Ciliau Aeron, pleaded guilty to an offence in which he attempted to steal two reels of barbed wire to the value of £65, belonging to the complainant, on May 26 at Oakford.

the complainant drove in his vehicle towards the defendant and when he stopped to talk to him and his brother, the complainant saw the barbed wire belonging to his father on the back seat.

Ms Jones added that the

complainant took the registration number of the defendant’s vehicle as it left the property. The vehicle was then traced to Davies and at Lampeter Station, the defendant made a full and frank admission to attempted theft.

When questioned, Davies said

that he took responsibility and that his brother wanted to steal the wire rather than him. Ms Jones concluded that it

was fortunate that the barbed wire was returned immediately to the complainant and that the defendant was caught at the scene. Defending, Alison Mathis stated

to the court that the defendant entirely accepts the facts and that it was foolish to commit such an act, especially in broad daylight. In a second interview, the defendant said that he had no intentionof committing the act in the first place and that it was a stupid thing to do in the heat of the moment. Magistrates imposed a six month

conditional discharge and a financial penalty of £105.

Two year ban follows relationship’s end MAGISTRATES were told by a

defendant’s solicitor that the case is a ‘heart-breaking tale’ and that the defendant made a ‘grave error of judgement’. David Townsend, 47, of

Rhydyfelin in Cardigan, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 7). Prosecuting, Rhian Jones told

the court that police were on mobile patrol in the late evening of August 21 when they saw a Ford Mondeo driving erratically on Napier Street. The officers pulled over the

defendant and while talking to him, they noted his slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and a strong scent of alcohol surrounding him. They escorted Townsend to the police vehicle and the defendant appeared to be unsteady on his feet. Ms Jones added that they conducted a roadside test and

Townsend showed to have 106 mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, which exceeded the prescribed limit. He was taken to Haverfordwest

Police Station and he provided two specimens of breath for toxicology, telling police to carry it out although he was clearly over the limit. Ms Jones further added that the results came back positive, with the defendant having a previous conviction for excess alcohol in 2001. Defending, Alun Lewis asked the

court to give the defendant maximum credit for his full admission and that the defendant had not planned to drive on the day in question. Townsend informed the police

that he was dealing with the sudden breakdown of his relationship, and that he was feeling upset and shocked. Mr Lewis added that the defendant

moved his car from his former partner’s house to his own house when he got stopped by the police, having only driven approximately

two yards. Probation Officer Julian Davies

told the court that Townsend went to Swansea to see a match with friends and when he arrived home, he found out about his relationship ending. Townsend then walked to a local public house, consumed alcohol and at around 11.30pm, he walked to his parked car and was driving to his own house when he was stopped by police. Considering the defendant to be

a low risk of re-offending and a low risk of harm, Mr Davies concluded by telling the court that Townsend consumes about six pints of alcohol once a fortnight and has a relevant conviction from 15 years ago. Magistrates imposed a 12 month

community order on Townsend, with the requirements of 15 rehabilitation activity days and 50 hours of unpaid work. In addition to a 24 month driving

disqualification, the defendant was ordered to pay £170 in court costs.


chaotic lifestyle and drugs are a part of that, with him wanting to move forward’, Aberystwyth magistrates heard from a defence solicitor on Wednesday (Sept 7). Simon Tansey, 43, of Custom

House Street in Aberystwyth, appeared

at Aberystwyth

Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 7) where he faced two charges of theft and a charge of attempted theft which occurred on July 15, July 16 and July 20 at Aberystwyth. For the first offence, Tansey

stole products, namely L’Oreal Men Expert volcano wash, Men Expert P/Pwr Active Moisturiser and Men Expert Hydra Power Wash, valued at £20.33 from Superdrug. On the same day, Tansey stole

other products, namely L’Oreal Men Expert Stubble Wash, three bottles of L’Oreal Men Expert Turbo Boost, two bottles of Men Expert T/Boost Eye R/om, L’Oreal men Expert Cleansing Gel, two bottles of Men Expert P&M Moist, Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moist, L’Oreal Men Expert Quenching Gel, a pot of Men Expert Hydra Moisturiser and Men Expert 24hr Hydrating Balm, to the collective total of £135.75 belonging to Superdrug. The third offence saw Tansey

attempting to steal additional products, namely L’Oreal Makle Expert Turboi and L’Oreal Men Expert Stubble Wash, to the value of £16.27 from Superdrug. Prosecuting, Rhian Jones stated

that Tansey was caught on CCTV entering the shop on July 15 with a plastic bag in his right hand. He made his way to the toiletry aisle, emptied the items into his bag and

left the store without making any attempt to pay. On the second occasion, July 16,

Tansey entered the shop as repeated his actions from the previous day. On July 20, the shop assistant

saw him in the shop and recognised him from the CCTV footage. Tansey was then approached by the assistant and the items were removed from the bag.

Ms Jones added that the

defendant was interviewed on July 30, where he stated that he was short on money for food and his electricity. He also added that it was a silly act and that he should not have done it, admitting that he sold the items he stole from the first two occasions. Defending, Alison Mathias told

the court that Tansey fully accepts the facts put forward to him and is dealing with a drug issue at present. Probation Officer Julian Davies

delivered a report which stated that the defendant’s main issues are with Class A drugs, an ongoing problem lasting over 20 years, and that takes he takes heroin daily. Mr Davies further added that

the defendant has nine previous convictions from three offences, 10 drug offences and a previous caution for theft and considered Tansey to be a medium risk of offending and a medium risk of harm. Magistrates


recommendations from probation and imposed a 12 month community order on Tansey, with the requirements of monthly drug reviews for a period of nine months and 15 rehabilitation activity days. Tansey was also ordered to pay a

total of £406.08 in court costs, fines and compensation.


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Shopliſter’s drugs problem

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