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A BARMAID faces an offence of

5 News Favour for friend ends in ban

driving over the alcohol limit, with her defence solicitor telling the court that the defendant had no intention of driving prior to the incident. Rachel Davies, 37, of Ffordd

Eglwys in Newtown, appeared before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 7), pleading guilty to the offence which occurred on August 20 on the A44 between Ponterywd and Aberystwyth. Prosecuting, Rhian Jones told the

court that police received a report that a car was blocking the road at approximately midnight on August 20. Officers attended the scene and saw a red Peugeot that had collided into a wall which caused a road block for other vehicles. When talking to the defendant

in her vehicle, officers noticed that Davies had glazed eyes and slurred speech. They then carried out a roadside test which gave a positive reading. Ms Jones added that Davies was

then arrested and taken to Aberystwyth Police Station, where she gave two samples of breath which showed that she had 59mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, exceeding the prescribed limit.

In an interview, Davies agreed

with the facts and told officers that she received a phone call from a friend who told her that they missed their last train and was stranded in Aberystwyth Train Station. Ms Jones further added that

Davies hit a stone wall on the way to see her friend and that even though she was not injured, she felt foolish and ashamed by what happened. Defending, Alison Mathias told

the court that she apologises to the court on behalf of Davies. Ms Mathias

added that prior to the incident, Davies had a few cans of alcohol at home and had no intention of driving. She did not know she was over the legal alcohol limit and appreciates what the law says in this case. Magistrates gave maximum

credit to Davies for her early guilty plea, and imposed a 16 month driving disqualification on her, with the opportunity to complete a drink driving course. Davies was also ordered to pay a total of £235 in court costs and fines.

Defendant told ‘your behaviour needs to change’ A 21-YEAR OLD defendant

returned to Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 7) to face two charges of criminal damage, one charge of possessing a knife and one charge of resisting an officer in the execution of their duty. Submitting mitigation on his

client’s behalf, solicitor Alun Lewis told the court: “He is young enough to get help and to move on with his life.” Liam Andrew Ellis Antwis,

of Stanley Road in Aberystwyth, initially pleaded not guilty to all offences, which took place on May 7 in Aberystwyth. Magistrates imposed an adjournment on August 3 for the defendant to assess his plea. For the first offence, the defendant

damaged a fire extinguisher at 49 Portland Road to the value of £192.54 belonging to one complainant, with the intention to unlawfully damage and destroy. The defendant faces a second

criminal damage offence, where he allegedly damaged a vehicle with unknown value with intention to unlawfully damage and destroy. The third offence took place in

Aberystwyth, where the defendant allegedly, without good reason, on Portland Road had a black handled kitchen knife with a seven inch blade in his possession. The fourth offence took place on

the same day in question where he resisted an officer in the execution if his duty. Prosecuting, Rhian Jones told the

court that police saw smoke coming from a vehicle on Portland Road and approached the defendant, instructing him to put the fire extinguisher down.

After this, the police saw that the vehicle had been sprayed with the extinguisher and the window mirror casting on the floor. When they entered the property, the officers saw the fire extinguisher removed from the stand and a knife in the defendant’s kitchen. Ms Jones added that the defendant

refused to comply with the officers and, as a result, was taken to the floor and handcuffed. The defendant appeared to show aggressive behaviour while the police waited for back up and claimed he had a knife in his back pocket, but after a search, the police found this not to be the case and took him to the police vehicle. After the incident, the complainant, who owned the car, said there was no damage prior to the incident except rust and some denting. In an interview on May 7, Antwis

stated that he was out drinking in Aberystwyth town and that his state was not the worst he had been in. He remembered being jumped by police but denied the criminal damage. Ms Jones further added that when

the police asked about the spraying of the fire extinguisher, Antwis claimed they were being evasive and demanded to see evidence. Ms Jones said that Antwis was the

subject of a nine month community order for the criminal damage offence. He was due to appear at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court for trial on September 5, but had changed his plea. Defending, Alun Lewis told the

court that this is a classic case of the defendant having no recollection of the incident, explaining that Antwis thought it was a ‘set up’ but was truly astonished to see that it was him on

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  

 


the CCTV footage. Mr Lewis further added that

Antwis has a tremendous work ethic and wants to work instead of twiddling his thumbs, telling the court that the defendant is a polite and presentable young man. The court heard that the bladed

article offence was the most serious, with Mr Lewis stating that this was not the case. Probation Officer Julian Davies

addressed the court with a report. He stated that Antwis went out drinking on the night in question and could not remember leaving The Angel Inn pub in Aberystwyth. Mr Davies added that Antwis is

considered to be a medium risk of harm and medium risk of re-offending. He is also currently serving a community order for criminal damage which will expire in March 2017. Antwis has breached this order four times where he failed to attend his probation appointments but has completed 148 hours out of his 168 hours of the unpaid work requirement. Magistrates told Antwis that ‘it

is nice to see young people like you interested in pursuing a career in football coaching, but your behaviour needs to change’. Magistrates revoked Antwis’

current community order and re- sentenced him to another community order. The requirements include 25

rehabilitation activity days to address his anger issues in addition to nine months of alcohol treatment. Antwis was also ordered to pay

a total of £275 in court costs and compensation, and a destruction order was issued for the knife.

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  


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 

 

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