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Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 7) told the defendant that he was ‘sailing too close to the wind’ and that it is time to ‘sort [his] life out’ as he faced an offence of driving whist over the legal drug limit. Adrian Maciej Kramp, 21, of Comins

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Coch, pleaded guilty to the offence, which occurred on June 20 at Borth. Prosecuting, Rhian Jones told the

court that police were on patrol shortly after 12.30am on June 20 between Clarach and Borth and noticed the defendant’s car travelling at 45mph within a 30mph zone. Officers then followed the

Volkswagen Polo and stopped the defendant on High Street in Borth and, while questioning him about the speed he was travelling at, they smelled a strong scent of drugs. When pointing out the scent to Kramp, the defendant said he smoked half an hour before they pulled him over. Ms Jones added that the officers

carried out a roadside test, which showed positive results for cocaine and cannabis. Kramp was then taken to Aberystwyth Police Station and provided two samples of blood. When the results came back from Toxicology, they showed that the proportion of Benzoylecgonine in his


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Fine and ban for drug driver

blood was more than over 200mg per litre, exceeding the specified limit of 50mg. When interviewed, Kramp told

officers that he consumed the cannabis and cocaine around 20 minutes prior to being stopped, telling the officers that he takes cannabis on a daily basis and first tried taking cocaine when they stopped him.

Ms Jones concluded by telling

the court that Kramp has six previous convictions for six offences relating to possession of cannabis in 2014. Defending, Alison Mathias

addressed the court to say that Kramp was fully compliant at the scene and voluntarily admitted the officers about the consumption of both drugs. Ms Mathias added that Kramp spent

15 weeks in prison until February and works for a local roofing company. As part of a report, Probation Officer

Julian Davies told the court that Kramp is currently serving a community order from May 24 until April 2, 2017, but breached it due to not informing probation of the cocaine use until recently. Magistrates imposed a fine of £120

for the breach and a fine of £120 for the drug offence, together with court costs of £115.

Magistrates also imposed a 12 month driving disqualification on the defendant.

Defendant ‘cannot continue as he is’

Continued from front strip Prosecutor Rhian Jones told

the court that the assault incident happened on August 7 at Aberystwyth. The defendant and the complainant had been drinking for 10 hours and had an argument, where he slapped her across the face which caused the complainant to have bruising to the eye.

Ms Jones concluded that the

defendant is currently subject to 89 offences, where he spent four weeks in prison in January for theft. Bagnall


appeared before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Sept 7) to face a theft charge, a charge of being drunk whilst in charge of a bicycle, a violent behaviour offence and an offence of criminal damage. Daniel Byrne, 35, of Tremafon

flats in Penparcau, pleaded guilty to all four offences. The offences took place in

Aberystwyth on August 20 where Byrne took a pedal cycle without the consent of the owner, was under the influence of alcohol whilst in charge of a pedal cycle in Park Avenue, showed threatening behaviour towards officers at Aberystwyth Police Station and intentionally attempted to damage a police mattress and cell toilet belonging to Dyfed-Powys Police. Prosecutor Rhian Jones addressed

the court to state the facts. Ms Jones stated that police were travelling

had also previously been imprisoned for 23 weeks in 2014. Defending, Alun Lewis told

the court that the defendant hit the complainant once, with this offence entering Category Three. As a result of the defendant

breaching his bail conditions for the theft offence, he spent three weeks in custody. Mr Lewis added that the defendant

is at a point in his life where he cannot continue in this fashion and needs to move on with his life. Bagnall is

Magistrates also imposed a two

year restraining order on Bagnall and he was ordered to pay £735 in court costs and compensation for the theft offence.

Apologetic defendant conditionally discharged

towards Morrisons in Aberystwyth in the early hours of the morning in question when they saw the defendant pedalling on the road. He was seen to be crossing the road from one side to the other and almost falling off, clearly showing the police that he had significant difficulty in controlling his balance. The officers stopped the defendant

and, when talking to him, they noted his slurred speech as he told them that it was not his bike and that he borrowed it. Byrne was then arrested and

taken to custody, where he appeared aggressive towards the officers and made several threatening remarks before being restrained and taken to a cell. In the cell, he proceeded to bite and punch the cell mattress along with punching the toilet. When Byrne was interviewed on

August 20, he stated that he had been extremely drunk and had taken the

bicycle. He did not intend to keep the bike permanently but accepted that he had displayed abusive behaviour at the police station and is disgusted by it.

Ms Jones concluded that Byrne

could not remember the criminal damage offence, and has a previous conviction of four assault-related offences. Defending himself at court, Byrne

said that he is apologetic for taking the bike, and that he came across it when he fell over it. He also admitted that the theft was an act of him being stupid at the time. Magistrates told Byrne that they

are pleased to hear that he showed such remorse at court and imposed a 12 month conditional discharge. They added that they took into

account Byrne’s apologies to the court and to the police, and imposed a financial penalty of £105 in court costs.

considered to be a medium risk of offending and a medium risk of harm. Magistrates imposed a 24 month

community order, which will require 29 sessions of a ‘building with relationships’ programme, up to 12 months of drug rehabilitation and 25 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

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