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A FIRST-TIME drug offender

pleaded guilty to two offences of Class A drug possession. Connor Escourt, 19, of Bristol,

attended Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Aug 31) for two offences he committed on August 12, where he had 0.1g of Diamorphine and 0.37g of cocaine. Prosecutor Kevin Challinor told

the court that on August 12 at 2.30pm, officers on duty were patrolling in an unmarked vehicle on North Parade in Aberystwyth. When they approached the

defendant, they conducted a routine search and found seven bags with white powder in Escourt’s underwear. Escourt cooperated with the police

and when the drugs were examined by a drugs officer, the results came back positive. Mr Challinor told the court that in

interview, Escourt said that he was on a break from Bristol and wanted to try taking drugs. He also told officers that he bought them for his own personal use. Duty Solicitor Alison Mathias

addressed the court to say that she apologised to the court on Escourt’s behalf, and when he was approached by the officers, he gave a full and frank admission. Ms Mathias added that Escourt came to Aberystwyth from Bristol to

clear his head and was told by a friend that Aberystwyth would be a place of relaxation, particularly with the beaches nearby. He believed that the drugs would help him with his problems and it was when he went to get food that he was stopped by the police. When asked in an interview what

he was going to do with the drugs, the defendant said he was going to try them for the first time. When asked how he was going to use them, the defendant said he had been told how to take the drugs. Ms Mathias concluded by saying,

fortunately, Escourt did not take any of the drugs. Magistrates told the defendant that,

considering the drugs were of a small amount, they were to impose a Band C fine, reduced from £180 to £120 for his early guilty plea. Magistrates also ordered the

defendant to pay a total of £115 in court costs and made a destruction order for the drugs.

MAGISTRATES stressed to a

defendant at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Aug 31) that ‘it is not a very good example of behaviour to be restrained by six officers’. James Foulston, 19, of Brynymor

Terrace in Aberystwyth, pleaded guilty to two offences. Both offences took place on August 6 at Aberystwyth, where the defendant used threatening behaviour in a public place, where he also resisted an officer in the execution of his duty. Prosecutor Kevin Challinor

addressed the court to say that on August 6 at 12.40am, officers received a call regarding a disturbance at The Angel Inn pub in Aberystwyth. When they arrived, they saw a male

on the ground being held down and handcuffed by the door staff of the pub and surrounded by a group of people. When the officers talked to members

of the staff, they said that the defendant and was told to stay out of the premises as he was drunk and proceeded to barge his way in past the door staff but was escorted back out. The defendant then began to swing

with his arm at the door staff and attempted to grab them and, at one point, tripped and fell over. Mr Challinor added that Foulston

was handcuffed by the door staff, but the defendant then tried to headbutt and bite them, and he at one point headbutted the

ground. One of the officers present tried to

calm the defendant down upon arrival and was threatened by the defendant. Foulston proceeded to lift his feet

in protest as he was taken to the police vehicle and appeared very intoxicated. The defendant then tensed up, making it very difficult for the officers to move him and then proceeded to lash out at the officers with his legs. Mr Challinor concluded by telling

that court that six officers were asked to assist in restraining the defendant and, after placing him in a caged police vehicle, Foulston still continued his threatening behaviour. Defending, Alison Mathias told the

court that on behalf of the defendant, she apologised to the court for his behaviour.

When interviewed, the defendant could not remember the incident and could not deny nor confirm what happened. Ms Mathias added that the defendant

acknowledged he was highly intoxicated and when he lost his wallet on the night in question and was refused entry at The Angel Inn pub, his emotions were on a high.

As a result, Foulston accepts the

evidence of being restrained due to not remembering, and has not had much experience in an adult court. Magistrates imposed a Band C fine of

£120 for each offence and a total of £120 in court costs. Foulston has also been given a

ban ofthree months from licensed premises, namely The Angel Inn pub in Aberystwyth.

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