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14 News A 21-YEAR-OLD defendant

appeared at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Aug 31) after failing to comply with the requirements of his community order, imposed by Aberystwyth magistrates on September 9, 2015. Liam Andrew Ellis Antwis, of Stanley

Road in Aberystwyth, pleaded guilty to the offence. The court heard that the defendant failed to attend his unpaid work on August 6 and his supervision on August 9, failing to provide suitable evidence within the requested five working days. Probation Officer Stewart Arrow-

Smith told the court that the community order was for 12 months and included 15

5,700 PEOPLE have died on

refugee and migrant routes around the world in the last year, an increase of more than a fifth. Just a year ago, the world awoke

shocked at the images of three-year- old Syrian Alan Kurdi lying lifeless on the beach, having drowned in the Mediterranean as his family tried to cross to Europe from Turkey. Yet, despite the public outcry in response, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people dying while attempting to flee to safety. The numbers of people who have

died on refugee and migrant routes since the start of 2016 equates to one almost every 80 minutes. Photographs of Alan Kurdi became

headline news around the world a year ago. Independent research shared with Oxfam by the Visual Social Media Lab, based at the University of Sheffield, found a subsequent rise in interest in the refugee crisis on Twitter, with four times as many tweets on the subject than in the year before. The #refugeeswelcome hashtag began trending worldwide in the days after Alan Kurdi’s death and has been used 2.35 million times in the 12 months since. The recent images of Omran

Daqneesh, the child pictured bloodied and covered in dust after being pulled

rehabilitation activity days and 160 hours of unpaid work. Antwis breached the community order for the first time in May this year. Duty Solicitor Alun Lewis told the

court that Antwis pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. He has completed a further two hours of unpaid work and has a total of 20 hours left to complete out of the required 160 hours. Mr Lewis went on to say that the

defendant’s reason for not attending on the days in question was due to the breaking down of a vehicle he was travelling in. Antwis is originally from Shrewsbury

and has fended for himself for a very long time, moving to Aberystwyth for a fresh

from the rubble of his apartment block in Aleppo, have had a similar effect, showing the strength of public feeling about the violence that is forcing many refugees to flee. On Saturday, September 17, ahead of

two major summits on the global refugee and migration crisis set to take place in New York, Oxfam Cymru and partner organisations including Save the Children and Christian Aid are organising a Stand As One Rally in Swansea, to show support for refugees and to celebrate their contribution to life in Wales. A march to show solidarity with refugees will take place in London the same day. Oxfam Cymru is also calling on

local authorities in Wales to resettle more refugees through the Home Office’s Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme, and is calling on a National Assembly Committee to undertake scrutiny of not just the Welsh response in resettling Syrian refugees, but how Wales’ public services support our refugee and asylum-seeking communities. Latest Home Office figures

highlighted that between April and June 2016, while Scotland resettled 249 refugees from Syria, and Northern Ireland 104, Wales only resettled 34 Syrians through the Home Office resettlement scheme. Kirsty Davies-Warner, Head of

start. Mr Lewis concluded by saying that

he is a very vulnerable young man and accepts he has breached the condition more than once. Antwis is nine days away from finishing his community order, and apologised to the court. Magistrates made the decision to

extend the community order for a further six months, with an addition of 10 rehabilitation activity days and more time to complete the unpaid work. Antwis was also ordered to pay court

costs of £85, which were consolidated with the other payments due. The defendant was barred from purchasing alcohol in any licensed premises.

Refugee deaths up more than a fiſth in year

Oxfam Cymru, said: “A year ago today, the world awoke to pictures of a drowned three-year-old. Everywhere you looked – from the front pages of the newspapers to our social media feeds – Alan Kurdi was there; a reminder of the horrific reality of the refugee crisis. And yet a year since, the situation has not improved for refugees and migrants who are risking everything in search of safety and a better life for their families. “In Wales, the latest Home Office

figures released last week revealed that 112 refugees from war-torn Syria had been resettled here by the end of June this year, with more having arrived over the summer. While we welcome the fact that more people have been resettled here, we cannot ignore how painfully slow the resettlement process still is in Wales. “I hope we will have a big crowd

joining us at our rally in Swansea, to remind refugees that they are not alone, and that we value their contribution here in Wales. This is also a chance for people to show our political leaders here in Wales and around the world that we want them coordinate an adequate response to this ongoing crisis.” Oxfam’s Stand as One campaign

calls for global action to welcome more refugees, prevent families from being separated and keep people fleeing their homes safe from harm.


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Elin Jones was one of the main inspirations behind a new novel by a local Aberystwyth author, it has been revealed. The Morlan centre in Aberystwyth

was packed last week when over a hundred people came to listen to a conversation between Elin Jones AM, the reviewer Catrin Beard and local author Dana Edwards. The three were there to discuss

the inspiration and background behind Dana’s new Welsh language novel, ‘Pam?’

‘Pam?’ tells the story of Pam,

Gwennan and Rhodri as they leave university and make their way in the world during the tumultuous decade that leads to the establishment of the Welsh Assembly. But the three share a secret. As they

begin to enjoy the status and privilege that comes from successful careers, what happened in Aberystwyth threatens to destroy everything. The novel is set during the late 90s

– the era of establishing the National Assembly in Cardiff, dramatic elections, and the growth of Welsh media in the form of Radio Ceredigion. Dana explained that she chose to set the novel during the 90s because it


warrant in a fraud case after a defendant failed to attend Aberystwyth magistrates court on Wed (Aug 3) for the second time. Rhys Davis George Bowden,

18, of Lampeter, was due to face a charge of fraud by false representation which occurred between April 2015

was ‘a hopeful time, where there was a real feeling that it was possible to change society through the activism and enthusiasm of ordinary people’. To reflect the nostalgia of the

period old pop classics from the 90s were played during the evening and old issues of the contemporary magazine Golwg were placed around the hall. It was noted that there was an

element of the career of Elin Jones in the form of the main character, Pam, with both having been elected as local councillors and both having previously been a part of Radio Ceredigion. “It was never my intention to

write the life story of Elin Jones,” says Dana. “But of course Elin’s success, like many other women who secured a seat in the first Assembly, was an inspiration.” Elin Jones AM said: “A brilliant

crowd came to launch Dana Edwards’ new novel in the Morlan on a wonderful summer’s evening in Aberystwyth. I enjoyed the conversation with Dana and Catrin Beard – and to stress the point once more, I am not Pam!” This is Dana’s second novel,

following the success of her English language novel, ‘The Other Half’, and it was chosen as the Welsh Books Council Book of the Month for August.

Fraud accused faces arrest

and November 2015 at a takeaway business in Tregaron. Bowden also failed to attend

Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on August 24. After magistrates decided to give

Bowden the ‘benefit of the doubt’ on August 24, the defendant has been issued a warrant without bail.

Warrant issued for Garnant man AN AMMANFORD defendant

failed to attend Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court for the second time in a row. Kevin David Taylor, 31, of

Garnant, was due to face charges at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court on Wednesday (Aug 31) for assault by beating and for property damage. Taylor entered a guilty plea and

was convicted on July 19 for assaulting a complainant on June 6 at Llandysul. Taylor also entered a plea of

guilty and was convicted on July 16 for unlawfully destroying a window belonging to Nationwide Building Society at Carmarthen on July 14. After failing to attend Aberystwyth

Magistrates’ Court on August 24, magistrates imposed an adjournment for a pre-sentence report to be prepared. As a result of Taylor failing to

attend court for the second time, magistrates issued a warrant without bail.


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Community order extended AM inspired novel

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