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54 Entertainment ‘THE LIBRARY SUICIDES’

may not seem like an appealing name for a film, but this truly is one of the greatest films of 2016. Directed by award-winning

Director, Euros Lyn, the film is in partnership with the Creative Skillset, BFI Film Fund, BBC Films, Edicis, Soda Pictures and S4C. In addition, the production is courtesy of Ffilm Cymru Wales’ talent scheme ‘Cinematic’. ‘Cinematic’ has aimed to put

Welsh films ‘The Library Suicides’, ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Just Jim’ into production within a period of 18 months, encouraged the distribution expertise of Soda Pictures, and has promoted the work of Welsh film makers. ‘The Library Suicides’ is an

adaption of the bestselling novel ‘Y Llyfgell’ by Welsh author Fflur Dafydd (who also co-produced the film) and is truly a stylish and thrilling experience to watch. Set in the seaside town of

Aberystwyth, the story follows the suicide of famous author Elena Wdig (Sharon Morgan) and the quest that her twin daughters go on to seek revenge on the person responsible. Librarian twin sisters Nan and Ana

(Catrin Stewart from ‘Doctor Who’) work in The National Library of Wales and when they hear the final words that Elena mutters before she dies, they hatch a plan to gain revenge on Eben (Ryland Teifi) her biographer who may have murdered her. The majority of the film is set during the particular night that they put

Rhian Boyt Reporter

their plan into action at The National Library of Wales. Unfortunately, they are disrupted by the night porter Dan (Dyfan Dwyfor) who becomes trapped in their game for revenge in the library corridors all night long. The question is, who makes it through the night and how long must they be trapped for? Throughout the film, it becomes

very clear that Euros Lyn (who also has episodes of ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Broadchurch’ listed on his CV) incorporates his unique style and creates a masterpiece to add to the thriller genre. The clever decision to spend

three weeks shooting at The National Library of Wales, one of Wales’ most iconic buildings, creates a powerful sense of eeriness in the lonely maze- shaped corridors (which will leave the audience feeling dizzy in an exciting way). Due to the film being shot on

location, those familiar with the National Library of Wales and the Promenade are able to see the sights from a very different perspective. The camera angles that certain scenes portray both the library and the Promenade create an intriguing alternative universe compared to the existing town of Aberystwyth. It is also fitting to mention that

Ceredigion has become quite a popular place as a filming location, with the hit show ‘Hinterland’ continuing to


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Te Herald reviews ‘Te Library Suicides’

shoot the third series there, which has consequently created a spotlight in the film making market and has also put Ceredigion on the map. The high quality of acting from the

cast is where the film gains extra points. Catrin Stewart plays both Nan and Ana extremely well, casting the twins off as intimidating and haunting as a result of

their mother’s death. Dyfan Dwyfor is equally terrific in his role as Dan, and carries the film in his own way through comical one-liners that brought the film back down to earth. In turn, the other cast members

bring their own professional talents to the screen, making the story come alive from the start to the end.

Not only is this film a poignant

creation for Welsh language cinema, but an engaging one that delivers above and beyond what you expect it to.

The best piece of advice to follow

is to keep an eye out for the film broadcasting on S4C in the future - a definite date for your diaries, for sure!

Summer Open Exhibition in Llandysul Cae Du: By Cathy Stocker



Powerhouse Arts Centre are holding their second annual Summer Open Exhibition, running until the end of the month. Part of the Ceredigion Art Trail,

the gallery are exhibiting painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture this year. As part of this celebration of

art, the Pwerdy-Powerhouse have been running some art workshops throughout the summer and there’s still

plenty to come. On Tuesday (Aug 23) there will

be a papier mȃché workshop and next Saturday (Aug 27), Lynda Guy will hold a painting and meditation workshop. The Pwerdy-Powerhouse is an

art and community centre run by a wonderful group of volunteers. Local artists and Powerhouse

volunteers, Suzanne Hughes-Owen and Cathy Stoker, have worked hard to curate this year’s summer exhibition.

As well as filling every wall and display space with art from a wide variety of local artists, they have encouraged local businesses to support the exhibition by advertising in the exhibition catalogue. Everyone is working together to

draw people into the town and make use of a variety of shops, cafes, pubs, garages and recreational activities that the arts centre offers. The exhibition will open every day

from 10am-5pm except for Sundays. Entrance is free.

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