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14 News Fire Service issue tumble dryer safety message

8.36pm, crews from Swansea West and Swansea Central attended a tumble dryer fire in Sketty. The fire originated in the tumble

dryer and spread to the work top. The fire was confined to the kitchen area, which crews extinguished using four Breathing Apparatus, two Hose Reel Jets, two Thermal Imaging Cameras and one Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan. Firefighters left the scene at 9.06pm. Deputy Head of Community

Safety, Steve Davies, advises the public: “To avoid a fire caused by a tumble dryer in your home please follow these simple safety tips: • Always

follow the

manufacturer’s instructions on the use and maintenance of the appliance

• Clean the lint trap after every use – the build-up of lint or fluff can cause fires

• Don’t overload plug sockets – the high wattage for a tumble dryer means that it needs its own 13-amp socket.

• Don’t leave appliances

unattended – don’t turn the tumble dryer on before you leave the house or go to bed. Tumble dryers contain powerful motors with fast moving parts that get very hot.

• Don’t ignore warning signs - If you can smell burning or clothes feel hotter at the end of cycle, have your appliance checked out.

Safety message:

This is what fire can do to a tumble dryer SINCE January 2016, Mid

and West Wales have attended 11 incidents of fires involving

tumble dryers, the latest of which occurred in Sketty, Swansea. On Wednesday, July 20, at

• Don’t overload your tumble dryer or put items in that have been used to soak up flammable liquids, including cooking oil. Finally, it is of vital importance

that you have a working smoke alarm in your home. For more details on home fire safety or to get in contact with us regarding home fire safety, please visit our website."


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Introducing UKIP Chairman, Bryan Haddon, speaks out

ONE of the main reasons

why 52 per cent of us voted LEAVE in the referendum was the issue of uncontrolled UK immigration. So when Theresa May says that “Brexit means Brexit, it’s plain to all LEAVE voters that we take back control of our borders. It is well known that as long

as we remain in the EU free movement has to remain under EU law. But why in this post referendum Brexit world is the government giving us no news of preparation being made to control our borders? The 2014 British Social

Attitudes Survey found 77% of people want immigration reduced, with 56% wanting to see it reduced “a lot”. So with evidence clearly showing this strong British preference, Brexit should mean the end of free movement and anything less would not be acceptable. The UK spends just £1.8

billion a year on securing borders and removing illegal immigrants and foreign criminals. Contrast

this with our £12 billion aid budget. Or take the fact that the recent Home Affairs Committee (HAC) report says we have only three patrol boats protecting our 7,700 miles of coast and compare this with Italy’s 600 boats for 4,722 miles! Britain’s border security

is “clearly under-resourced”, the report says, and the HAC recommends warships should be drafted in to guard small harbours against people-smugglers who see them as soft targets to avoid heavy security at ferry ports. According to the Daily Mail, Royal Navy chiefs are prepared to devote one or more river-class patrol boats to assist the border force if the Home Secretary Amber Rudd requests them. So why have they not been requested? UKIP thinks Immigration

control has been ignored for too long. We now need to lobby our local MP’s and AM’s to find out when action will be taken. It’s an issue that will affect us all sooner or later - even here in rural Pembrokeshire.

Shocking statistics from British Heart Foundation

ACCORDING to new statistics

released by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cymru, three-fifths of people in Wales (60%) don't tell their partners they love them before leaving the house each morning, and over a fifth (21%) don't normally kiss their loved ones goodbye. To shine a light on the sudden nature

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of heart disease, a survey of 2,000 adults in the UK was commissioned by the BHF Cymru, whose vital has brought hope to 376,180 people in Wales who live with a heart condition. Of those surveyed, 20% claimed

they forgot to say goodbye when leaving, and the same number claimed they didn't have time. Two thirds of Welsh couples go to bed on an argument (66%) and nearly half leave the house in the morning without reconciling (48%). Heart disease rips families apart

without warning, leaving people no time to say goodbye to their loved ones. Heart disease is heartless and can strike anyone at any moment. Over 9,140 people die from

circulatory and heart conditions in Wales each year. BHF Cymru is urging people to to invest in its life-saving research, the answer to the epidemic of heart disease. Chief Executive of the British Heart

Foundation, Simon Gillespie, said: “Many of us lead very busy lives and time with our loved ones is precious. Heart disease can suddenly affect anyone at any time and has a huge emotional impact on those left behind. “We have committed to funding half

a billion pounds of research over the next five years into these conditions that continue to devastate the lives of over seven million people in the UK each year.

“It is only thanks to the public’s

generosity that we’re able to continue our fight against heart disease, but we urgently need more support to accelerate this research to keep more families together.” Research funded by the BHF has

helped improve and even save the lives of millions of people living with heart conditions for over 50 years. Whether it's a baby being born with a congenital heart defect, or a parent dying from a sudden heart attack, the research carried out by the BHF is identifying new treatments to help prevent, treat and one day end heart disease. For any chance of the BHF beating heart disease, more research is desperately needed. To find out more, visit


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