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10 News MAGISTRATES imposed a NINE years after her last

appearance before a court, an Aberystwyth woman faced a theft offence which followed a family bereavement. Tracie Ann Rebhan, 43, of Penparcau,

pleaded guilty to the offence that occurred on May 10 at Morrisons in Aberystwyth. On Wednesday (Aug 17) at

Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court, Prosecutor Stephen Davies explained that on the evening of the day in question, the defendant appeared drunk while walking around Morrisons in Aberystwyth. She was seen by the Manager of

the store to be carrying a cotton carrier bag, with the Manager following her movements in the store. After 10 minutes, Rebhan went to

the flower section of the shop instead of going through the till area and, as a result, the Manager approached her at the door and asked her to empty the carrier bag with the assistance of another member of staff.

Mr Davies further explained that the defendant emptied the contents of the bag

and walked into the car park, throwing the items along the floor. The items were listed as two chicken curries, one packet of salted pistachios, one onion bread, two stew & dumplings, two Fuchsia plants and one climbing collection. All items were recovered from the scene, with the onion bread and the Fuchsia plant damaged. Rebhan was arrested and taken to the

police station to be interviewed. During her interview, she claimed she had been drinking but did not remember what had happened. Defending, Alun Lewis told the court that the defendant was unhappy with not

being able to attend her grandmother’s funeral on the day in question and began to binge drink to drown her sorrows. Mr Lewis also said that the defendant

could not recall going to Morrisons or committing the offence, calling her actions a ‘blip‘. After the incident, the police attended her home and showed her photos taken of her at the time. Rebhan appeared shocked by the

evidence, and accepts the statements from the Morrisons staff. Magistrates imposed a conditional

discharge on Rebhan, ordering her to pay £3.86 in compensation to Morrisons and £105 in court costs.

Conditional discharge for hopeful defendant A CHIMNEY sweep pleaded

guilty to two drug offences, despite being ‘hopeful and buzzing with energy’ at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Aug 17). Rhian Elizabeth Jeremiah, 28, of

St Mary Street in Cardigan, pleaded guilty to the offences. Prosecutor Stephen Davies told

the court that the first offence occurred on July 2, when officers were on duty patrolling the Colour Festival in Penparc. Later that evening, the officers

saw the defendant and while talking to her, they smelled a strong scent of cannabis. As they searched her, they found

a small bag containing 1g of Cannabis in her jeans pocket. Jeremiah was arrested and in an interview at the police station, she said that the drugs

were approximately £10 in value and that she had it for her own personal use. She made no further comments during the interview. Mr Davies went on to explain about

the second offence, which occurred on July 4. At 5.30pm, officers attended the defendant’s address as they smelled a strong scent of cannabis and when they knocked on her door, she appeared nervous as they conducted a search. It was then that she surrendered the 4g of cannabis, which was valued to be £40. In an interview, Jeremiah admitted that the drug was hers but made no further statement.

Jeremiah had similar drug convictions from 2015. Defending, Alun Lewis told the

court that the drugs on both occasions were from the same batch. To her credit, she admitted to the officers

at her property that she smoked the cannabis and handed over the drugs voluntarily. He told the court how Jeremiah is

suffering from bereavement due to her father’s death and that she is having to give up her father’s property, leading her emotions to spin out of control which resulted to the incidents. Mr Lewis added that Jeremiah has

not taken any drugs since the incident and is embarrassed to appear before court.

Magistrates expressed their

gladness for the defendant’s employment and her ongoing actions to improve her life. Jeremiah was given a conditional with

discharge, Magistrates

ordering her to pay £105 in court costs. Magistrates also issued a full destruction order for the drugs.


financial penalty on a defendant as a result of a drunk and disorderly offence in a public place. Mathew Rumney, 35, of Taliesin

in Aberystwyth, pleaded guilty to the offence and represented himself at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Aug 17). Prosecutor Stephen Davies

told the court that on July 28, police received a phone call from ambulance crew asking for assistance with the defendant, who stabbed his leg with a pen knife. When the police arrived, they

saw that Rumney had a bruise to his lower calf and as a result, Rumney was taken to Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth. A short time later, police

received another phone call explaining that the defendant had ‘kicked off’ and upon arrival, they were notified that when Rumney tried to hit himself he lashed out at one of the nurses but missed. Both the officers and the hospital

staff tried to calm the defendant down by his bed and while the officers stayed at the hospital


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Bereaved defendant’s guilty plea Drunk ‘kicked off’ at hospital

for further assistance, Rumney’s behaviour fluctuated. The officers noted that Rumney

smelled of alcohol and he admitted that he had half a bottle of vodka and some wine before being admitted to hospital. A while later, he demanded a

cigarette and became agitated and stood from his bed. PC Richards saw the defendant had glazed eyes and tried to calm him down, but Rumney put his hands to his head and tore the tube that the nurses inserted into his arm which caused severe bleeding. Mr Davies concluded explaining

that Rumney was restrained and was then later arrested for his drunk and disorderly behaviour, with no previous convictions before appearing before court. Representing himself, Rumney

told the court that he was under the influence of antidepressants which made him more aggressive on the day in question. Magistrates imposed a Band

C fine of £120 on Rumney and ordered him to pay a total of £115 in court costs.

Prisoner’s shock to the system A 24-YEAR-OLD man appeared

before Aberystwyth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (Aug 17) via a video link from Swansea Prison to face a charge of criminal damage to a property, with prison being ‘very alien to him and a shock to the system‘. Aaron Neil Hopkins, of Cardigan,

pleaded guilty to the offence which occurred on May 1 at Cardigan. Prosecutor Stephen Davies told

the court that on the evening of May 1, police received a call from the landlady of the Hope and Anchor public house in Cardigan, stating that a window on the property had been shattered. When the officers arrived, they

were informed that the defendant had been at the pub for a number of hours and was told to leave due to his aggressive behaviour. He was assisted out and then punched the window pane, valued at £35. A few days after the incident,

police were notified that the defendant had contacted the landlady to ask if the charge would be dropped if he paid for the damage, to which she responded that the police were already involved.

Defending, Alun Lewis told the

court that Hopkins is currently serving a 10 month prison sentence for a separate matter, which was imposed by Swansea Crown Court on Aug 12. Mr Lewis added that the defendant

has suffered from his family unit breaking down over the years, and is feeling hopeful when he leaves prison in five months as he will have a job with his family. Hopkins has very little

recollection of what happened on the day in question, but accepts that he headbutted the window pane and trusts the landlady’s statement. Mr Lewis further added that the

pub is the headquarters for the football team Hopkins plays for, and he is well respected by his team mates. Magistrates imposed a seven day

prison sentence on Hopkins, which will run concurrently with his current prison sentence. Hopkins was also ordered to

pay £35 compensation and a victim surcharge of £115. From his previous offence,

Magistrates remitted Hopkins’ outstanding costs and ordered his current outstanding compensation of £459 to remain.

AM raises Cardigan GP worries MID AND WEST Assembly

Member Simon Thomas has quizzed the Welsh Government over the growing concern by Cardigan residents about GP services in the town.

Simon Thomas, Mid and West WWW.CAVENHOUSE.CO.UK

AM said: “I’ve raised the concerns of residents with the Welsh Government. “As the main opposition party Plaid Cymru’s agreement with the

minority Welsh Government secured a plan to increase the numbers of GPs and primary healthcare workers in Wales.

“Issues such as a lack of GPs and

the difficulty in getting an appointment are something that constituents raise with me on a regular basis. “There is wide spread concern

in Cardigan but there are difficulties across my region.”

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