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80cm 3rd place

The80cm class wasinthe next door arena which posed alittle more challenging with some undulations and trees,which initiatedadetailed course walk with ears glued to the teamtrainer. Trail blazer inthis class wasIndia Marvelly andher ponyLaddie who secured a superbclear round.Following them wasJosh Levett and his ponyCharlie who made lightofthe tecÚical course.ThirdtogowasWill Holland and the mighty Chubbywho loweredanuncharacteristic pole.Soagain the pressurewas on and it wasuptoGee,who made it look easy on the super talentedChequers,tobring theWarwickshireHuntinto thenextround. India set off with averytidy clear round,followedbyJoshwhose

ponyhad an unlucky4faults at the bogey fence.Will jumped a seamless round so onceagain it wasdowntoGee.Wedecided she needed to go foritinthe jump off and thatshe did.This time it didn’t quitepay off with acostly 4faults, howeveragreat tryand it secured the teamthirdplaceinthis class and another podium finish!



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The 90cm team on learning their victory

So with twogreat results under our belts it wastime to find the90cm team. Anticipation and excitementwerehighwith everyone having akeen plan on winning.Our trail blazer in this class wasGrace Hopkins riding Belle who startedwith asolid quick performance. She wasclosely followed by Chloe Stevens who again made the up to heighttrack look easy on her horse Larry.NexttogowasMolly Fletcher who again stormed round the course with asmile on her face. So last in forusinthe pressured last teamposition wasHenry Burton. He showedthe ultimate cool of the last teammember by producing a fluentclear.Onceagain theWarwickshire went into thejumpoff with ascore of 0and onceagain in pole position. So theplan wasdecided,the nails were beingbitten and victory

seemed to be therefor the taking.Our trail blazer Gracedecided to go foritand produced asolid,quick clearround.Chloe went in next and showed her experienceand skill to jump another very fast clear.Molly glided round and again made it look all tooeasy. Henryhad afab go at thejumpoff and wasunluckytotouch apolebut wasclassy all the way. Howeveritdid notmatter as the teamhad done it.The fastest teamscoreofthe daybyoverten seconds and the victory wasours! What we didn’t realiseisthatthis competition wasverygenerously

sponsored byMetZurich LLP who were offeringanaccumulatorover the three classes.The Pony Club with the most points at the end of it were then awardeda£500training bursary.Weknew wemust have been close with our three good results but nothing prepared us for the factthatwehad wonit, so onceagain the podium wasours. Our superkids,with super horses and super parents and super

trainers had done it.Whatagreat competition and whata superbly generous prize, don’t worryMet Zurich it will be very well used.

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