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some fun at alocal show.Anin-hand showing class is fantastic experience forhorses of all ages,but especially foryoungsters,and fun too! Themost importantthing before


entering is to make sureyou have been practicing at home first. For local and riding club level youdonot need to be aprofessional,but doing your homework first will make the whole experiencemoreworthwhile. Practicewalking and trotting

in-hand and also teachyour horse to stand still nicely fora period of time. When walkingand trotting,the horse should be forwardgoing and when asked should trot nicely in astraight line without breaking into canter. Remember each pacewill be being assessed,and youonly get ashort amountoftime onceinthe ring,so the smoother aperformanceyou can give,the easier it will be forthe judge to get agoodlookatyour horse. Handlers should be smartly

dressed,ideally in ashirtand tie usually with jacket or waistcoat unless it is hot,and long hair should be neatly tied back.Decent plain footwear thatyou can run in is important. Forcounty shows youmay need to wear ahat so check on this beforehand. Your horse should be shown

in the appropriate in-hand bridle. ForArabian horses therearemany attractivebridle types on the market, but make sureit fits well and practise in the bridle beforehand to ensure youcan remain in controlatall times. Remember thatfor pure-bred

Arabs,mane and tails must be left natural,and thereshould be no trimming of whiskers or inside the ears,but youcan clip the horse in full if required,and this does giveamore professional appearanceifdone well.A little highlighteroroil around the eyes and on the nostrils and muzzle will help enhancethe head. In thering on the dayyou will

be asked to enterand walk around the ring,usually clockwise.Some

t’sthattime of year when you mayfeel like venturing forthand taking your Arabian out to have

The filly,HalonaFJ, bred andowned by FlorenceEvans.PhotobySweet Photgraphy.

judgesmayask all the horses to trot individually beforepulling them in to the centre in theorder of their first selection; somemay leave thetrotuntil afterthey have pulled youintothe line up. Oncelined up in the centre of

thering in the judge’s firstorder preference, each horse will be broughtout individually forthe judge to assess.For the stand up ‘pose’for alocal or riding club level showthis should be relatively relaxed with the horse stood square or with hind legs slightly apart. ForaffiliatedArabshowing the

horse is trained to liftand extend the neck and head and stretch towardsthe handler without stepping forward, this is to show off the neck and the throatarea. Forlocal and riding club level showing,this pose can be more relaxed,but youshould train your horse to extend the head and neck slightly up and towards youwhen asked,whilst the judge is looking. Remember to smile and saythank

youtothe judge when they are finished.You will then be asked to

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walk away and trot back towards the judge in astraightline,and to then continue trotting around the perimeter of the ring.You will then returntoyour placeinthe line up. Onceall the horses have been

judged individually,you will all walk

back around the ring in the same order and the stewardwill then call youbackinto line forthe finalclass placings.Rosettes will be awarded before everyone trots alap of honour.

Good luck!

Getting it right first time

JLD Driver Training have trained many people from within the equine sector to gain their car and trailer and HGV/LGV licence. All of our instructors are accredited by the DSA and we only use modern

vehicles for our training. With such high first time pass rates it makes sense to choose JLD Driver Training for all your training requirements.

Our Courses include: ★ Car and Trailer Training ★ HGV/LGV Driver Training ★ Driver CPC Regulations (Initial & Periodic qualification)

★ ADR ★ Forklift ★ First Aid ★ Apprenticeships in Driving (Includes the LGV or B&E Licence for half the cost terms and conditions apply)

For more information call

01295 250821 or email

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