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As part of the Drew Mathieson

Center’s mission to Grow, Teach, and Inspire, students in grades 7 and 8 participated in an elective class on plant propagation as part of the DMC’s partnership with Manchester Academic Charter School. Thirteen students attended class at the DMC weekly during the last quarter of the 2015-2016 school year. Propagation students learned to create new plants using a variety of different methods in the DMC’s student lab, a world-class learning greenhouse space shared by Bidwell Training Center’s Horticulture Technology students.

Propagation students cloned

plants during class using a wide variety of methods: duplication of Venus Fly Traps using tissue culture, creation of a Mother’s Day herb garden using stem cuttings from “mother plants,” reproduction of succulent plants from leaf cuttings, root division of native plants, and air rooting of citrus trees. Students also created “Frankenstein plants” by grafting together pieces of different cactus species. Students learned about


natural reproduction of plants via seed, including different methods of pollination and seed dispersal in the wild, and the ways in which plants and animals have formed beneficial partnerships. Students grew a variety of pollinator plants from seed and later transplanted them into a pollinator garden at the Capt. Charles W. Tate Community

Manchester Academic Charter School students learn about propagation methods at the Drew Mathieson Center.

Garden in Manchester, which was established by the DMC and MACS programming during the 2014-2015 school year. Students also explored the life cycles of nonflowering plants by examining different life stages of ferns and mosses and

collecting and germinating spores. Propagation students helped to determine the feasibility of native plant production at the DMC by germinating native plant seeds collected at Fallingwater and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s 412-231-7200


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