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 Ask a question about something that you see: How, What, When, Who, Where, Which, or Why? Question:Which brand of raisin cereal has the most raisins?

2. Carry out some research Research: Look up and learn about the different types of cereal on the Inter- net, check out a book, ask an adult. Learn all you can about your question. Visit a few supermarkets and check which cereals have raisins. What are raisins and are they an essen- tial part of your diet? Are cereals with more raisins better for you? Make sure that the websites you are using are reliable and write down every reference for the ‘References’ section at the end of your project report.

3. Write down your ‘Hypothesis’. A hypothesis is a guess about how things work. Hypothesis: All raisin breakfast cereals have the same amount of raisins per bowl of cereal.

4. Design and carry out your experiment Your experiment tests whether your hypothesis is true or false. It is important for your experiment to be a fair test, i.e. you only change one thing at a time while keeping everything else the same. Repeat all your experiments several times to make sure that the first results weren't just an accident. Experiment: Shake the box to mix the cereal. Weigh out a definite amount. Count the raisins. Repeat five times, weighing out the same amount each time, and take an average. Repeat this for each cereal.

5. Analyse your data and draw a conclusion Make a chart and as you carry out your experiment write down all your results. When your experiment is finished study your results. Examine them to see if your hypothesis is true or false.

6. Present your project Finish writing up your project report. Make up your display board and get ready to tell others about your project.

‘I would say that my SciFest experience was one I will not forget. Though at times it may have been challenging, it was all worth it at the end and it was certainly enjoyable.’

Zaineb Baker (and Aoife O’Driscoll), Mount Mercy College, Model Farm Rd., Cork Boston Scientific Medical Devices Award winner SciFest@CIT 2015


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