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Issue 2 number 10 Sept 2016

Wisdom for schools Anne Davey

‘…where can wisdom be found? Where can we learn to understand?’ Job 28:12 G The Editors

Andrew Colborne Alexandra Green Louise Heffernan Sheila Hills

Silvia Joinson David Pope

Carol Worthington

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od’s gifts abound, we rest in the wealth of creation and through faith create our own gifts. Our Church schools are one such gift. School leaders, like Job, con- stantly seek to understand the predicament in which they find themselves.

Schools are being severed from their Local Authority families and school leaders per- ceive themselves as constantly criticised by words from government ministers, Ofsted and the media. Governors and Headteachers are figuratively sitting, like Job, in lonely places surrounded by competing voices, each offering solutions and suggestions.

School leaders have always faced challenges but current policy priorities make this an increasingly lonely task. It was God’s words which resolved Job’s predicament; in the self-realisation of his proper place and his restored fortune. As they sit like Job, who will bring them the words of God?

Our Diocesan Board of Education team works alongside parishes so that, together, we can faithfully bring God’s words of wisdom into our Church Schools and, indeed, all schools. Through the team’s range of expertise we offer a strong, effective service to all areas of need in schools. To do this to the best effect we rely on local relationships. Through part- nership with parishes we can move beyond simply ‘going to’ schools or ‘working in’ schools to working with schools their children and their leaders, building strong relation- ships. We can develop established patterns like Open the Book and create new possibili- ties of worship and learning – things that will be essential as schools become academies. Through our partnership we can help our school leaders to the wisdom they seek, for as we know…

‘… God alone knows the way, Knows the place where wisdom is found.’ Job 28:23

We look forward to sharing this partnership with you. Anne Davey is the Oxford Diocesan Director of Education

Local education initiatives

Members of all three churches in the parish are involved in a wide range of initiatives to support the church’s involvement in education, in the parish, the deanery and the diocese.

Members of the Parish Schools Ministry Group have already worked with members of other churches in the deanery and diocese on Prayer Spaces in primary schools, and are keen for more volunteers to help with ‘Open the Book’.– contact Carol Worthington if you are interested.

Further afield, Carol Worthington is a member of the Oxford Diocesan Board of Educa- tion and a trustee of the Diocese of Oxford Academy Trust.

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