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District 1090 Interact Day Saturday 12 November

Bourne End Academy Please contact Mike or email

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2016

ike Ware and his team are well underway with the planning of this event, with inspiring speakers booked and great ideas to make this another successful day. What they would like from clubs, whether they already have an Interact Club or are just thinking about starting one, is an expression of interest and commitment so the day is as successful as the amazing event in November 2014. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to get adults to ‘book early’ or young people to make a firm date, but having attended the Inaugural Interact Day, I can promise you will not be disappointed! It was fantastic........ and it really is so helpful to the smooth-running of any event to have some idea of who might appear. Please make a date in your Diary!


nother year, another RYLA course successfully completed at Rhos-y- Gwaliau. 27 candidates were put through the usual team building exercises, skills learning sessions and then sent out for a 30 hour expedition.

The week began with a classroom based session where they discussed their aims and objectives for the week and under what conditions learning is best done. The importance of working as a team was covered before the first big team building exercise - The Gorge Walk - a trip up a gorge with a barrel containing 3 raw eggs and covered in newspaper. The objective was to get the barrel to the top of the gorge with eggs intact and the paper dry. Interesting and with more water in the gorge than is usual at this time of year very wet. Amazingly the team I accompanied got the barrel up dry and broke only one egg. No other barrel remained dry!

The next day saw another classroom session developing leadership types and skills followed by more team building with the making of coracles and paddling them out onto Bala lake round a buoy and back to the beach. I have learnt from past years to go round on the first trip to stand any chance of staying dry and for the second year running did just that.

Two days were then spent learning skills including fine navigation, safe canoeing, sailing, abseiling, mine navigation and camp craft. A lot to take in especially how to set up an abseil and how to rig and sail a Drascombe lugger.

The expedition followed and as always some groups struggled with timing and, having gone to the slate mine to meet a group, Shirley Chard (Maiden Erlegh Inner Wheel) and I had an hour wait as the group were running that late. It was not helped by getting lost in the mine!

An enjoyable and successful week both for Shirley, myself and most importantly the candidates. We look forward to their presentations.

Geoff Smth

“Before I took part in RYLA I was struggling to get work for my video business and trying to figure out what I needed to do. RYLA has helped me become more confident in communicating with other people. I learnt how to canoe - learning how to use the paddle properly and what to do if the canoe capsizes. I also learnt how to navigate - learning to use a compass, taking a bearing, pacing and finding a point to focus on. It really has made a difference and I would recommend young people to do it. You’ll also meet loads of new friends who you’ll learn new skills with along the way, during one of the most challenging but rewarding weeks of your life!”

Sam Penn-Simkins, Reading

Autumn 2016

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