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Personal and Professional Empowerment

Celebrities Walk the Pink Carpet at Victorious2016

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Hampton University Center For Public Policy Releases New Presidential Poll

An Evening of Fundraising in Hampton

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Free September 2016 Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach since 2006

102nd Holy Convocation at New Community Temple COGIC

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Lindsey Brothers Plumbing and Heating celebrates 50 years of service in Hampton Roads

BY ANGELA JONES Lindsey Brothers Plumbing &

Heating and Fuel Oil Delivery Company, was established when Mr. James J. Lindsey and his wife, Mrs. Jennie Louise Lindsey, along with their sons and their spouses, saw the need for the family to come together


Nationally Recognized Hampton University Center For Public Policy (CPP) Presidential Poll determines candidates are tied


Recognized by The Washington Post for its 100 percent accuracy, the Hampton University Center For Public Policy (CPP) releases a new enlightening

poll. If the

presidential election were held today it would be a statistical dead heat. That was the clear result

polling of registered Virginia voters.

With only 67 days left

before Americans head to the polls for the November 8th Presidential

Election carrying neither

candidate has a lead on the other and both candidates are

relatively high

unfavorable ratings. Not much has changed for the White House hopefuls. Democratic nominee Hilary

Clinton and Republican nominee Donald of the August CPP

Trump remain in the same virtual tie that CPP polled in July. The poll questioned 801 Virginia

voters who

said they were likely to vote. When asked for whom would they vote,43% chose Democrat Hillary Clinton, and 41% indicated that they would vote for Republican Donald Trump.

Q4. If the election were

held today, for whom would you vote:

The Democratic ticket

of Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine 43%

The Republican ticket

of Donald Trump & Mike Pence 41%

Don't know/Refused 16%


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5 Tips for getting more out of your checking and savings

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When managing your money, the right tools can make all the difference. That’s why it helps to start by opening a bank account that best fits your lifestyle and your financial goals. FDIC Consumer News provides some simple pointers to help you choose wisely and streamline how you manage your checking and savings accounts.

bank account. Think about your day-to-day life and how you like to handle your money. For example: Do you receive a fixed paycheck

Before You Open an Account Consider what you need or want from a

provide opportunities

for the future generations. Several of the family members worked full-time, while others worked part-time, and later became full-time employees in the business. The family-owned business is celebrating 50 years of service in Hampton Roads this year.

Although Lindsey Brothers, Inc. is still

headquartered in Virginia Beach, it has grown immensely since its humble beginnings at the Mobile Gas Station at “Chinese Corner,” where Witchduck Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard intersect. The seasoned company now employs fifteen people.

The owners of Lindsey Brothers, Inc.

remain humble and committed to the Christian principles that have helped them remain in business for so long. “Lindsey Brothers is celebrating 50 years this year because of the grace and mercy of the Lord. We are also very thankful for the thousands and thousands of

The Lindsey family of Lindsey Brothers, Inc.

customers who have allowed Lindsey Brothers to be their plumbing, heating and fuel oil vendor of choice throughout the years. We are very appreciative of the confidence they have placed in us,” said Larry LaRossa Lindsey, the company’s current president.

When the company was formed, Founder

and President, at that time, Mr. James E. Lindsey, Sr. had the scripture, “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord,” (Ephesians 5:22), printed on the trucks.

According to

Jacquelyn Lindsey Wynn, “Husbands, love LINDSEY BROTHERS PAGE 14

Choosing and Using the Right Bank Account

using cash, cards,


or pension on a regular basis or does the amount and frequency of your income vary? Do you prefer

bill-paying services? paper checks or

pay for purchases credit


your personal financial goals to set aside money regularly for savings?

a bank account that works for you.

about possible overdrafts and the fees you might incur as a result? The answers to questions like these will help you make an informed decision about opening

Are you concerned

Comparison shop. There are many types of bank products and services, and the fees, interest rates and special promotional offers will vary from institution to institution. Some banks will charge fees for using another bank’s automated

others won’t charge fees and they may even reimburse customers for fees (up to a certain dollar amount) charged by the ATM owner. So if you often withdraw cash from ATMs, you may want to look closely at how ATM fees are handled before signing up.

BANK ACCOUNT PAGE 15 teller machines (ATMs), while Is one of online debit

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