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Mel Hatfield shares with International Squash Magazine her passion for the sport and explains how she hopes to continue to help players, coaches, associations and supporters through her company Squash Travel.

Wishing you started something earlier on in life will always be the way I feel about squash. The first time I hit a squash ball (double yellow dot!) was at the age of 33, spending the next three years never winning a game against my local club members. This shows the true grit and determination I have to succeed, and my love of the sport. Now seven years on I can hold my own at last and finally give those that showed me the time and patience early on a good game. Travel, well that is a different ball game: 25 years in and I feel I am at the top of my game!

I started Squash Travel in 2014 and it runs alongside my existing company of 10 years, Mel Hatfield Travel. Watching the professional players compete on the PSA World Tour and the younger professionals climbing up through the

ranks, I saw that there was a huge amount of travelling involved in players’ lives. Soon I learnt that they did not have a go-to-person who they could ask for advice and help if they ever needed it.

In the first few years of Squash Travel I have helped numerous players, coaches, associations and squash supporters alike getting to and from tournaments.

My personal favourite tournament is the Tournament of Champions in New York, with such an iconic venue, and the busyness and bustle of the local New Yorkers travelling to and from work, and suddenly having this huge glass court appearing in Grand Central Station has to be seen to be believed. I’m sure it is the most- liked tournament amongst the professionals too.

I love Squash and I love organising travel, it is definitely a match made in heaven


for me. Making sure these amazing squash players get to their tournaments without hassle or fuss ensures they are at their best to have a great match too.

I will never be a professional squash player that is never in doubt, but I will always be a professional and friendly voice to help and assist anyone who needs travel advice or reservations surrounding the squash world.

Squash Travel - dedicated to Squash, dedicated to you!

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