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decision twice. Some athletes may avoid making some difficult decisions as they don’t want to upset someone or financially it’s easier to take another option, but my experience has shown me that this can hold players back because the decision isn’t made purely on a desire to be world class.

From my own experiences, making the ‘right’ decisions isn’t easy and is a skill in itself – all you can do is learn and live in the present, day to day and move forward based upon your experiences and learning.

I’m not saying that to be an individual is all about making hard decisions and going against the system or against the norm, or indeed trying to be someone who you are not. For some people they may be able to be themselves within an environment where somebody is in full control of them and telling them what to do. That person is not me but I do recognise that it’s a personal thing of knowing who you are and being aware of your own identity. Once you know that, then you can decide what’s right for you. It just happens that from my experience and my life so far, I believe I can’t express myself fully within those parameters where somebody is making decisions on my behalf.

I know now that I have to be the one with the reins in my hand and if it goes wrong or doesn’t work out, it’s all on me! That is who I am and the biggest thing I’ve learnt recently is that knowing who you are and being who you are aren’t necessarily the same thing.

I have often felt I knew who I was and where I wanted to be and what I was doing was right, but in hindsight many of my decisions and choices weren’t centered on ‘what’s going to make me world class’.

It is not until recently that I have started to take control and begin to make the decisions that I believe will make me who I am or want to be! I’m not saying this is the only ingredient for world class success but I think it’s a crucial ingredient. Life is too short to live without expressing yourself.

Live your life as you, as there is only one of you in the world, you are an individual after all!

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